Friday, September 01, 2006

Sweet Mornings

This morning instead of my usual quiet time, I got Taylor ready early and sat down and watched Joyce Meyer. Oh how powerful her messages are. She is truly inspiring to me in my life. I feel so lead to share with anyone who reads this blog how important the blood of Jesus has been in my life. This morning she gave an invitation to all who do not know him to become apart of the kingdom of God. There is just so much freedom in Christ. What He did on that cross for you and for me is priceless. Life isn't perfect even when we have the Holy Spirit living in our lives but it sure is a lot more purposeful, fulfilling, wonderful and most importantly joyful. My friend, if you are searching today for that eternal peace that is only found in one place please hear my heart this morning. My heart was filled with so much joy as I watched people walk down after she asked if anyone wanted to turn their lives over to Christ and the auditorium just overflowed as people walked down. How freeing is it that we can give all of our worries and concerns over to the Lord and lay it all down at His feet. There's no burdens or guilt to carry anymore, that price was paid on the cross. Oh the wonderful cross, that He died for me to set me free and we should live our lives..........the song says! All you have to do is just sit at his feet friend, lay your heart down, surrender all. There's no fancy words to say or verses to quote, Jesus just wants to talk, just you and HIM. My heart just aches for those who do not know him. I know God has called to go and share his message wherever it may be. Right now, it's in this home with these children and this bible study that will begin soon. I don't know where God will lead in the future but I do know, wherever He leads I'll go. If it's Gods existence that you are struggling with, why not just give it a try? Faith is believing in the things we cannot see. What do you have to lose? A lot...........Depression, anxiety, worry and guilt, it's all freedom in Christ!

I love mornings like this where God reminds me of His sweet love. Sometimes I get so caught up with theology and studying the bible that I just have to stop and say, It really doesn't matter who did what when, all that matters is He died, for me, sinful, sinful me. Oh the sweet blood of Jesus!!!

I'm really glad it's Friday, even though it's going to be a busy weekend again. Kennedy woke up last night SCREAMING, I rushed into her room thinking something was terribly wrong, pick her up and she laughs!!! Then continued to laugh for the next hour as I tried to get her to go back to sleep! She must have had a bad dream or felt like she was falling or something, I don't know. But she sure did think it was so funny that I was holding her!!!I'm dreading next weekend. Kris is going away for two days on a running thing. They run for 24 hours straight! Hmmm, don't think I'll be joining him next year either! =) And then little Kennedy gets dedicated next Sunday. So I've got much to do this week dresses, bows, shoes, tights for all three!!! Of course they will all have to match!!!

I hope you have a very blessed day, I probably won't write again until Monday, I just know how this weekend is going to be. So, have a great weekend too!

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