Friday, August 11, 2006

The Good stuff!!!!!

My heart is so excited at what I just read in my quiet time this morning that I just had to share it with someone! And since it's to early to call anyone =) my blog will have to do!!!! I have been reading and reading in Job and ya'll, I have to say it's quite dramatically drawn out, for like 15 chapters!!!! So even though my heart was really sympathetic to Job, I was like, Uh........Lord, just get me to the good part. The part where God speaks FINALLY. So I made it!!!! I did skim a few chapters, I just couldn't wait! In Job 38, God speaks!! I just can't imagine, like here they are Job and his "friends" are just going back and forth, back and forth, each time they speak they are even more dramatic and cruel than the first. They are showing him NO mercy. And Job is just like Ok God you've GOT to do something about this. And that was in Chapter 13:20!!!! So some 25 chapters later God finally speaks up! I was like IT'S ABOUT TIME. But here's what's so amazing. I thought that God would come through this big storm and just be so blunt with these friends of Job, but He wasn't!!! I was SHOCKED. Yes He came and spoke through a storm but listen to what He said, v2.: "Who is this that darkness my counsel, with words without knowledge? Brace yourself like a man, I will question you and you shall answer me." WHOA. God told them. I was so surprised but I guess I shouldn't have been. See throughout those 25 something chapters Job is asking God all the questions and he's pleading with God to just speak and show his innocence. But God is first making himself known as the authority. HE will ask the questions. Then it gets even better. The Lord goes through a series of questions like, Who made the earth? Who told the ocean where to stop? Who molded all of creation? Who makes the stars shine at the right time? Who tells the sun and the moon to shine? Who tells lighting where to strike!!! And it goes on. It reminded me of a song called Redeemer, I believe it's by Nicole C. Mullen. God is saying, Look, I know what happened to you and I about to show you why, I've got it all under control. So I had to stop at the end of 38 but hopefully I will have more time to read later on this evening because I just can't stand it to find out where this is all going!!! =) This is GOOD STUFF!!! Well, I'd better go, it's a busy day, Taylor's getting a haircut, I've GOT to go grocery shopping, (we ate macaroni and cheese for dinner yuck), we have to get a birthday present for a friend of the girls and then they have a pool party tonight. I'm SO glad it's Friday. Kris should be home early!!!I hope you all have a great day!!!

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