Tuesday, August 08, 2006

God's speaking

Wow, what an amazing time I just had in my bible the morning. I never thought I would say that! God just opened my eyes to so many things through the book of Job. It's all really amazing. I'm up to chapter 9, I finished 7 & 8 this morning and I wanted to keep going but duty called (Hope's breakfast). So I thought I would share with you what I learned. When I started off reading Job, I took it one chapter at a time and I really didn't know the story of Job, I mean I'm sure I've sat through a sermon or two on it but nothing really came to my memory that stood out. The book starts out with Job, a godly man who had found favor in the Lord and was blessed abundantly and I mean ABundantly. And then the awful Satan decides that he wants a chance at him, so God allows it. Job has all of these horrible things happen to him and basically becomes a man ready to die. He is purely miserable. Then to make things worse, his friends start acting Holier than thou, (ever know anyone like that? =( and they keep accusing him of having some awful unconfessed sin before God. And Job is SO persistent with them that no he's not perfect but if they can find some awful thing about him please show him is his basic message. So I started thinking about small things that have happened in my life and big things that have happened in others lives and the reactions we have. I wonder if sometimes we are like Jobs friends, thinking we have all the answers we all that person really wants is someone just to say, YES THIS STINKS and it's not fair. Job just wanted to grieve and he wanted a sympathetic ear and he got neither. Oh how my heart ached for him as I read all the things he was saying in chapter 7. Now I have to say that what Eliphaz in Chapter 4 and 5 is all very wise to those of us who may one day go through a huge test like Job did. His message is that it's always better to fall into the arms of Jesus than to get angry and bitter towards God. I believe that's easier said then done. I always worry that something would happen to Kris or one of the girls or a great tragedy would happen in my family, because I don't know how I would react. I know how I'd LIKE to react but I don't think any of us can say exactly what we should do unless we have been there. That's the message I keep getting from God through this book. That it's not our place to give wisdom and judge, it's our place to just comfort and hold eachother through the hard times. So that's what God said to me today! Well, I'd better go, I'm organizing clothes today for three girls!!! AHHH.......don't you wish you could help??? =) Have a great day everyone!

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