Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Busy Day

Good morning all, I hope you are having a wonderful, blessed day. I've got a packed day so this will be a short one today. I woke up this morning late and I was so upset because I know on days like this, I need God's hand even more. I tried to get into Chapter 3 of Jeremiah but I guess my mind was already starting the day, which I hated. On days like this I often turn to Proverbs and this morning I read Proverbs 12:20. It says, "There is deceit in the hearts of those who plot evil, but joy for those who promote peace." When I read that a situation that we recently went through came to mind. And I thought about what an awful thing this person did to our family recently, and how unfair it was for him to think that what he was doing was ok. Everyone, even family, told us that we should take this person to court and tell him off and all of these things. Neither Kris or I felt like it was the right thing to do but I remember thinking a GREAT deal about what I WANTED to do. And my heart was just a mess. But when I finally gave it to God and decided to bring peace into this undeserving person's life, I experienced so much Joy. And only Joy that comes from God's grace. And what a blessing it was to know that we had been wronged but God blessed us through it all. Some people still don't understand why we didn't seek justice but I guess it's like the verse said, "promote peace." I have some exciting news, Kennedy can sit up all by herself!! Yea!!! She is just so yummy, I just eat her all day! She thinks she's BIG stuff now!! And I forgot how much I love Babynese. (baby talk) But I'm afraid I have another big talker on my hands. Oh my............Taylor is doing GREAT in school. She is just so happy each day. And Hope, she is just so excited about pre-school. Every day she's like, how many more days? What am I going to wear? (wonder where she gets that from????) She's just very ready. Well, I'd better go, It's a FULL day. Have a "peaceful" day!!!

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