Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Just Say It!!!

Today was Chapter 2 in Jeremiah. I had a very hard time focusing this morning. I've just got so much on my heart and I hate it because I'm sure I missed out on some stuff God wanted to say to me. But I did get something vey important out of Chapter 2. Jeremiah told it like it was. He has gone to the people of Israel and is revealing what God has said to him and it's not pretty. Jeremiah is reminding Israel that they are the "bride" of the Lord and they have forsaken Him BIG time. I love how Jeremiah just laid it all out. God told him what he was supposed to say and he said it. He is trying to get these people to turn to repentance. The reason I titled today is Just say it is because I think about the times when I feel God has told me to say something to someone but I'm SO afraid I'm going to offend them so I don't or I make it seem like what I'm saying isn't about them or not as bad as it seems. We as Christian need that boldness that Jeremiah had. Oh what I would give to be able to speak like he did. Now, I will say that his words seemed a little harsh and I don't know if these days in time it would be so effective. But the general statement throughout the chapter is quit backsliding and repent. I also loved verse 17, it says "Have you not brought this on yourselves by forsaking the Lord your God when he led you in the way?" God's always leading us, it's our choice to follow or not. But oh my, we would have a lot less stress in our lives if we would just do what God says in the first place. So we really do bring a lot of what happens in our lives on! I have to share with ya'll something so sweet that Taylor said last night while she was praying. She kind of remembers the Lord's prayer from kindergarten (they have to memorize the whole thing!) and so she decided for her prayer she was going to pray that. She starts off, "Dear Father in heaven, hallow is thy name, my kingdom come, my will be done in this home............" I really thinks she thinks of the word "kingdom" as like a fairytale kingdom and she's told me before that she's praying for God to give her a castle, so...........I think she thinks she's going to be a princess for real! Bless that child God, she's so sweet!!! I had a long talk last night with my neighbor, Mrs.Martha. I often, well almost every day, sit with her and we have the BEST conversations. She was telling me about her life and she's had quite a rough one. Abuse and loosing a child, enough said. But her story reminded me so much of Job. He had such an awful time and then God brought peace on him the rest of his days. I feel like that's the grace God is giving to Martha now. She is just so loving and so kind to EVERYONE. Even though she has been through the valley. Anyways, I just thought that was neat that God showed me a "real life" Job story after I had done all of that studying of His word. It's neat how God shows you things to bring His word to life again. Well, I hope you all have a blessed day!!!

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