Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Best 4th of July week...ever. part1

Well bloggy friends, I'm about to overload you with pictures. (smile) But we have had the BEST 4th of July WEEK ever. It was so much fun and we made so many memories!

We've been busy with visits from family and friends and trips but I will be back soon with a "real" post.

This past week we went to Gatlinburg, TN with my side of the family. We had SO much fun. Here are a few pics from the trip.

Picking up Asher, Mike and Jenny from Seattle at the airport:

Taking Asher and Jenny for their first Chick fila experience:

Driving to Gatlinburg, so sleepy:

Me and the Boo in Gatlinburg, eating ice-cream:

Cousins. Together for the first time:

Me and the boo in the hot-tub, one of my favorite places:

Gatlinburg has so much to do it's almost overwhelming. Besides our beautiful cabin we did lot's of fun things like this, seeing the Titanic museum. It was really awesome:

This lil stinker doesn't like getting his picture taken with people. But I finally got one! :)

Kennedy and Mimi playing something silly:

Ok, that's all I have time for today, so sorry! Will be back with more tomorrow. LOT'S more to show you!!!


Rebecca Jo said...

Everything about Gatlinburg is fun!!! Cant wait to see more pics!

Dee said...

Looks like you had a great time! Cute kids! Looking forward to Wednesday and more pictures.