Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vote for her, ok?

I love my girls. I really do.

All three of them have so much to offer this world. And while I love these days of motherhood, I honestly can't wait to see what they become one day.

Kennedy, will keep everyone laughing. And she will keep the police in business with all the noise ordinance enforcements that will surely come from her life. [the girl is a bit...LOUD]

Hope will keep everyone looking at the green grass and blue skies. She will keep us all de-stressed and remind us that flowers are all beautiful, whether they make you sneeze or not.

But the politics...and the Taylor. Now y'all...I know I'm a bit biased, but this girl is on to something.

The other night I came home from working out and she rushed downstairs to show me this:

It's a letter to the Mayor.

Here's what it says,

"Dear Mayor Fox,

Hello! How are you? I'm Taylor Koziarz. I'm in the 4th grade. I'm writing this letter to you because I want to be president one day. But you can't be president if people don't know you! So, I've decided to go to law school and be a lawyer and then mayor, then Governor and then President. But I want to know more about each job. What is your job like? Does your office have cool stuff? Also, I really want to know you. So if your ready please write back and tell me about your job and you.

Also, Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Write back.


Taylor Koziarz "

I mean, who would NOT vote for this girl??!!

She said, "I'm so done. Someone has got to put a stop to all this madness with teacher cuts and people loosing their houses. I've got to become friends with the Mayor so I can do something about this."

Amen girlfriend.

BTW, I don't know WHERE ON EARTH she has heard that..."I'm so done." Ahem...not from THIS momma. [wink] But, I was so proud of her for her bold faith too.

So readers, please secure your votes for her candidacy in 2028. You can tell the world, "I read about this girl on this blog 20 years ago." I tease...but not really.

There's no deep meaning in any of this...just a fun moment in this crazy journey of motherhood. Sometimes you just gotta smile.

So what are the dreams of your children?

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Daughter of the KING said...

Gotta love her! Big smile on my face. Thanks for sharing.

Rebecca Jo said...

I love she asked if he believes in Jesus Christ! Awesome!

What big dreams she has too! I'd totally vote for her!

I think my biggest dream at that age was to be able to learn more baby names because I'd thought I was going to have to name my baby a 3 letter word because it was all I could spell! haha!!

Tisha said...

LOVE IT!!! I came downstairs the other day and Grace had a kitchen stool pulled out into the middle of the living room with her bible opened up on it. She was walking around and talking. I said, Grace, what are you doing?" She said, "Preaching". I said well amen, preach on sister!!! I LOVED every minute of it!!!!

Lynn said...

Definitely will have my vote... if for not other reason than she asked if the mayor believed in Jesus Christ!!!! How awesome to have such a goal and be so focused at such a young age!

auburnchick said...

Hmmm...the dreams of my children...

I think they have changed as they've gotten older.

My Chicky, the 18 year old headed to college soon, now dreams of finishing college, getting married, and having a family of her own. She dreams of parenting without making the mistakes that I made with her.

My Rooster, the sometimes-forgetful but lovable almost 16 year old, dreams of a time when he can sleep in, play XBox to his heart's content, and not having to listen to his Mama remind him to do chores.

It's interesting to compare your children's visions for their futures, eh?

My Army Brats and Me said...

Come check out my giveaway:)

Running the race said...

I can tell you I will vote for Taylor! I am so proud of her. She is a young lady who is smart, knows what she wants and goes after it so I believe one day we may be saying Ms President to her! Plus she has such great character. Can you tell that I am a little biased? Taylor's Mimi

cherishing_every_moment said...

She so has my vote! Taylor definetely has a bright future ahead of her and I also look forward to seeing how the Lord will use her! Hopefully she won't forget her 4th grade teacher :-)