Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We have the greatest kids

I shared with you that last Thursday was our ten-year anniversary. Well, while I was wooed by my husband with flowers, neat things for our yard and a special night out this coming weekend, I was not prepared for what my girls had been up to!

Taylor came home from school on Thursday VERY stressed out. She needed me OUT of the house, she had things to do and I could NOT know about them.

So we did our best to stay out for a few minutes while she set her plan into action.

I have to share though that days before Taylor had overheard Kris and I talking about our very bummeristic car issues which drained [BIG-TIME] our anniversary fund.

And perhaps [in my sadness], I may I have shouted something like, "WELL GREAT! Hawaii can wait ANOTHER ten years!!!"

Maybe. If I was the shouting type. [wink]

However, The night before our anniversary I received this e-mail from a certain fourth grader:

This is the the manager of Waikiki Hawaiian style hotel.Thank you for
participating in
the Hawaiian contest you will be staying in room number
Waikiki hotel

Cute isn't it?

So when we were shooed outside I knew she was up to something. But I was so surprised when Kris and I walked in the door and saw this:

I couldn't believe it! The girls had their "Hawaiian" style clothes on. The table had been set, complete with menus and some yummy fruit kabob's were on the counter.

What I didn't know was that Taylor [sneaky girl] had gotten her class at school involved!

So she had a lei and a pineapple candle on the counter from her sweet teacher. [You are an amazing teacher Mrs. Hendricks!] AND THEN...She lead us upstairs where all of her friends had decorated beautiful Hawaiian pictures for us. They were all taped to the hallway. There was a volcano, a surf board and pretty palm trees. [sorry the picture stinks]

Then the girls led us to our bedroom where this cute note was on our bed stand:

After we had seen all the things they had done and eaten our yummy dinner [wink], the girls told us they had ONE more surprise. They led us outside and pulled up two chairs for us to watch a luau show they had created just for us! There was dancing:

And more dancing. And lot's of giggles. Complete with the Happy Anniversary song sung to the tune of Happy Birthday.

So Hawaii came to us. And I have to say of all the anniversaries Kris and I have had, this is the most memorable so far. It meant the world to have our girls care and plan so much like they did. It brings tears to my eyes even now writing this, because this...was a great [one of the best] moment of parenthood.

I love this crew. I really do!


Running the race said...

Nicki, thanks for sharing this wonderful story. After the day I have had today I needed a pick me up and this sure did it! This is by far one of the nicest stories I have read. What is special is it really came from the heart of these little grandbabes! You are very blessed!

Joyful said...

Well, this is the sweetest story ever!!!! Thanks for both the smile and the tear. My heart has been so touched. A gift of love...nothing could be more precious.

Hug those adorable little girlies!

Sarah Martin said...

oh my good gracious. those girlies have me crying my mascara right off my face. these girls are so sweet and caring because they get that from their sweet and caring mom and dad. that little shin-dig is only a reflection of you and kris and they wonderful parents you are to raise such amazing girls.


cherishing_every_moment said...

Taylor was SO excited about your "surprise"! Thanks so much for sharing!!! (and tell Taylor I want to see some of those dance moves at school :-)

Traci said...

how precious! you are blessed to have such sweet and thoughtful little girls. i know it meant just as much to them to do something special for you.

Nisha Mundy said...

Thanks again Nicki! There is no greater feeling than having our babies mirror the beautiful traits Daddy has placed within us. This is truly lovely and thanks for sharing!


Nisha Mundy said...

Thanks again Nicki! There is no greater feeling than having our babies mirror the beautiful traits Daddy has placed within us. This is truly lovely and thanks for sharing!


Faith said...

This is SO precious!!! Wow, what a blessing they are. So glad you had a wonderful anniversary and for the part your girls played in that. Loved this!!

Mel C said...

That is so sweet!! You've got some amazing girls!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Such a sweet story of three loving selfless daughters! You have done such a good job "mommying" them!! Thanks for sharing your special day with us!

Marilyn...in Mississippi

My Army Brats and Me said...

Woohoo that is so great! We so have to get all of our girls together. We can make some serious drama somewhere:) Love have girls!!!!!!!!!!!

Haley said...

That is so freakin sweet!!! I agree with Sarah!

Melanie Stepp Coughlin said...

You have incredible girls!

Luann Prater said...


Loved your story!

Wanted to let you know you are the winner of the Encouragement Cafe t-shirt and latte mug! Let me know where to send it. Keep encouraging girl!

In His grip,

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