Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Brutal Truth.

Yesterday, I posed a question on facebook about what type of article to write for a mom's magazine I was submitting to. I was expecting everyone to answer like, "How to discipline." or "How to do craft projects." or something that I like actually knew something about. Because that's what writer's do...they write on stuff on what they know.

So, when there was a general consensus that something needed to be written about finding a balance and putting your husbands first...I immediately crossed that off the list.

Because...haven't you heard? Along with, Mother of the Year... I am the final runner up for, Wife of the Year.

In fact, I do believe I divorced my husband no less than five times last week, surely I said some painful things, cooked ridiculous meals and have you seen my house this week? Yes, it's not too lovely. And if you see my girls with no socks on...just let it go, ok? {wink}

The truth is, the stress level in our lives is at the highest it has quite possibly ever been. So much so that my doctor told me last week I'd better do something about it because my blood pressure isn't too agreeable right now either. Hello, I could have totally saved my $30 copay and told myself that!

I'm not sure that finding the 180 degrees of balancing wifehood, motherhood and everythinghood is possible or even attainable. There have been seasons where my house has been cleaner, my girls have been dressed better and my husband's belly is full of something other than frozen pizza. I tend to find the balance in one area and then life throws a curve ball and it's all out of whack again. I know you get that too.

Y'all do know I am exaggerating a little right? I mean, we only ate frozen pizza like three times last week. {wink}

Clearly, I do have imperfection figured out. I do however realize that behind all of my imperfection is a perfect God. Who has promised me that what He ordains, He sustains. And while I must be active in doing my part to loving my husband and kids in the way that I'm supposed to, He will pick up the broken pieces if need be during a tough season of life.

This morning I found myself in the book of John where I have been closely studying the life of Christ; what He did, how He spoke, who He spoke to...but I came across something that I think is applicable to our chaotic lives.

In John 17:1-5 this is where Jesus actually prays for himself. Jesus, God in the flesh...had to stop and pray for himself...hmm, something to take note of. Verse 4 however says something that really stung me: "I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do."

Honestly ladies, I'm not sure that the Father is so concerned with whether or not our kids have matching socks on or whether we cleaned our bathrooms three times or one time this month. The business that the Father is concerned with is that we are bringing Him glory in what He has given us to do.

And what exactly does bringing God glory look like?

If He has given you a season where your bathrooms can be cleaned everyday and that brings Him glory for your personal walk then you do it 100%. If He has given you a season of holding babies, wiping noses and changing diapers, then you do it 100%. Or if He has given you a season of working outside the home, driving carpool and being everywhere at every moment, then do it 100%.

Whatever work is set before you, bring Him glory through it by giving it your best. But keep in mind that God hasn't placed the entire universe at your feet and said, "Here, do something with this."

He gives us bits and pieces of His work. And we have to figure out what His business is in our lives and the go for it, 100%. The rest of the world? It can figure itself out. Your seasons of life will change and there will be times of more and less.

Ok, so the business I have before me today includes at least 8 loads of laundry, bathrooms to be cleaned and a playroom that looks like King Kong stepped through, so I'd better scoot. But just so you know, we are eating frozen pizza tonight. {wink}

Much love in Him,
Nicki :)


LaughingLady said...

Oh Nicki. I KNEW you were up for the challenge!! What a wonderful truth this is ~ AND centered on one of my favourite Bible verses, too! (man, you're just winning all sorts of points with me here today!!)

I agree that's the key; to be able to pray like Jesus at the end of our lives ~ even at the end of each day ~ and be able to say, "I have completed the work you gave me to do." I guess I too often forget to START my day with, "What is the work you're giving me today and would you please help me do it your way?"

Hmmmm, I'm sensing a Revive Our Hearts-style 30-day challenge coming on...

Amanda said...

This post really blessed me this morning. Great job!

cherishing_every_moment said...

Wow! Sooo true! Thanks for the reminder.

auburnchick said...

Oh girl, preach it!

My daughter is a senior in high school, and she just finished her final season of high school soccer. It's been hard for me, knowing that I won't see the girls or parents as often next year.

But, I take joy in knowing that as the team's Parent Liaison for the last two seasons, I have given my all. My goal was always to honor God. Parents seemed amazed at the stuff I did, but I didn't do it for myself but for Him who allowed me the privilege of being in this place at this time.

I'm sad it's ending, but I know that He will give me another opportunity to serve Him.

Oh, and have you considered the crock pot? No, not cooking pizza in it. LOL!

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