Monday, January 11, 2010

When Success meets Failure.

The other day I was thinking about something. I think a lot of us base success on other people's perceptions of success.

For example: A person loses 30 pds, we think we should lose 30 pds. Or someone does something outstanding we think we can do that same thing outstanding.

There's a lot of competition out there. I don't like that word, I don't like that thought.

Lately, I have come across a lot of people who are trying to be someone they are not. Reason? Success. They think that because another person has done A,B and C that they too must to A,B and C.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being inspired by someone or gaining wisdom from someones success! But I am seeing a lot of people meet failure in their lives because they are moving towards someone else's perception of success. What's successful for one may not be successful for another.

What if we miss what we are supposed to do because we are so busy trying to be someone else?

Jesus did an excellent job describing this in the book of Matthew chapter 18. The disciples were questioning Jesus about who is the greatest in heaven. And I actually believe that this is lived out every day in the hearts of women.

"God, please tell me I am better than her." Or "I know that I am more gifted than her in that area." And maybe even there are thoughts of, "Well I have been through this, therefore I am more qualified than her."

When our perception becomes confidence in just being who God created us to be then I believe that is success. The Lord is continually molding each of us to become who He wants us to be and may that process never end.

Refinement is a humbling process. It is. But you know what? I'd rather be humbled to be who God wants me to be rather than being humbled because I have failed at trying to be someone else.

Ladies, trust that God has amazing things for your life! But perception of amazing is something that only God can give you. I think it's amazing when a Momma loves her kids without fail. Or a husband becomes the man that you've always prayed for him to be. And even when you have the ability to change just ONE other person's life because of your obedience to God.

It's not about the masses.

It's about one. The One and the one and

He is enthralled with you. He is in awe of you. He created you to be something beautiful. {Psalm 45:11}

So as Sesame Street leaves embedded in my boo, the number of the I leave with you the same.

One God + One You = One amazing plan

Trust it. Believe it and live to tell about it.


Rebecca Jo said...

Thank you Sister... being someone who did not have children of my own - I feel such a sense of comparing myself to other women who are mom's & what a failure I am... I needed this today!

Jenifer said...

This is GOOD!!! I was struggling with this very thing just this morning. After reading an email from a friend my first thought was, "Ahhh...God I want to do that. (stomp foot, stomp foot) Why can't I do that!?!?"

Then as I sat and thought about things more rationally, I was reminded that He has a perfect plan for me and He has a perfect plan for my dear friend. Those plans may or may not be the same thing, and even if He doesn't call me to do "the thing" that she is doing, He has called me to be greater than myself, because He is in me and He is GREAT!!!

Thanks for this word!! I just love it when God speaks a Word to me in various ways.

Lynn said...

Thank you.... plainly and simply thank you!

Aaron said...

Good reminders - which I needed today! Been struggling with this a lot lately & needed another reminder to be careful to stay focused on God & what He has for ME today. I'm so afraid of missing out. lol. As if God would forget to let me "in" on what He wants me to do. lol... Silly girl, that I am! Thank you for being YOU!!!

Kay Martin said...

Finally I stole a moment to read my favorite blogs...alas I'm here. It took me years to get to this truth you spell out today.

I live transparently...finally. It takes a strong trust that God really will show up all the time, no matter what...but the freedom to dare to be my real me is amazing.

When someone is genuine you tend to respect them even if you would not choose them as a close friend. Eventually all masks and walls show up as covers and then all trust is impaired.

Keep it up mighty writer!!!

Jennifer said...

I once heard a statement on a radio program that I have never forgotten.."God never called me to live someone else's life" - being exactly who designed me to be is definitely success!

Must admit - reading blogs often makes that very many women doing really neat things with their lives. But God has given me a great life, too! Thanks for the reminder.