Friday, January 08, 2010

He's at it again.

Hi friends. Sorry the blog is a little slack this week. But I am here today. :)

Life has been busy! I like busy but finding balance sometimes is difficult. I'm sure you understand that.

This week I had my first "overnight" speaking engagement. :) It was in Pinehurst, NC where I was able to speak for two different groups. I ended up having to stay at a hotel because my friend that I was supposed to stay with got sick and mom has chemo next week and I get to take her. So I wanted to be careful.

Let me just say...I love to be frugal and find the deal of day for sure. But...perhaps finding the cheapest hotel possible isn't the greatest idea. Mental note to self: You get what you pay for. I probably should have spent the extra $10 for the one star up place.

I am just know? :)

But I had the best time with all those awesome ladies in Pinehurst and hope to come back one day. It's always so much fun to meet new people and share tips, ideas and most importantly God's love even if it's with the grocery bill. He's in everything! Even that.

As I drove back home that afternoon I had some sweet time to just talk to Jesus. Things have been crazy around our house lately. You know one things breaks and then everything else decides it's time to break too. I swear objects co-ordinate themselves to break at the same time. {wink}

And for some reason when things start to break men get so tense. Why is that? Don't they LIKE to fix things? {smile} Anyway. I would normally get into quite a tizzy about all this financial mess but you know what? I'm ok.

I love to watch God show off even in our finances. And guess what? He's at it again.

The world crowns success but God crowns faithfulness.

Be faithful to Him and He will not leave you nor forsake you. He may be the 11th hour God to you like He is to me (sometimes I wish He would move it up to like the 9th hour) but He is in control. Of everything.

So knock my socks off today.....tell me how God has been faithful to you this week? Was there a provision? A blessing? An unexpected door opened? We are so good about sharing all the bad that we have going on but I want to hear your good.

Here's one of mine:

$160 worth of groceries for $33! YES, I pray for my grocery bill. And Yes, I give God all the glory when He shows off in a way like this. It took some faithfulness on my part and time, but God is still in control.

Love you bunches. Have a blessed rest of this week and I'll see you on Monday. :)


Sarah Martin said...

It was so cool to hang out with you. So sorry about my cooties! At least we got to eat a chick-fil-a and catch up!

You did amazing at the speaking events and the ladies loved you and were ready to save major mula by the time you were finished speaking!

Here is what God is doing for me. Got a phone call last night and had a major door open for my book. This was all hours, just hours, before I signed on for a major investment to have my book published. That investment door is still open, but who knows what will happen. THEN! I got a cool email from the assistant to an author that I respect saying that the author would be willing to read my manuscript and potentially endorse it! Yay God! Just the thing I needed this week to get me going, you know, with the cooties and all!

Love ya and so proud of you!

Mimi C said...

Nicki, great post and I rejoice with you and watching God work when all we need to do is be obedient and trust him. I love the visual of the groceries. Hey when you come up can you do the same for me? I would love $160 worth of groceries for $33 :)

Just me said...


Deidre said...

Why can't I do that?

So glad your speaking engagement went well. God is faithful.

Wylie said...

My hubby & I were just talking last night & again this morning about God's AMAZING provision in our lives. He is SO faithful! Jehovah-Jireh!

Bethany said...

Great job on the grocery shop! I need to get back on the coupon wagon! I guess I should get clipping! So much for a weekend with nothing to do! Ha!

auburnchick said...

If you've ever read my blog, you will know that I have been couponing hard since June, so I do appreciate your post!

I've been laid off from a very nice-paying job for over a year...trying to secure a teaching position and subbing in the meantime (a job that pays less than half of what I was making before). I have seen God provide every month. Just this week, He provided another two week subbing assignment that begins the day after the one I'm currently working ends. It's not much money, but it's something. And I know that He will make each dollar stretch if I'm faithful to serve Him.

Keep on doing what you're doing, girl! God hears our prayers. He becomes so much real in the absence of "tangible" things.

Ginger said...

So glad things went well for you at your speaking engagement! God is good and always provides! WOW!