Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cupcakes and Snakes.

So I haven't been to vocal about this subject on this here blog, but I have been attempting to lose some major weight since the first of the year. I picked up running again, cut out pretty much all soda and have been eating a lot of "super foods". I like that word...super food. Kinda makes me feel like "super woman". :)

For the first couple of weeks, I actually gained two pounds. And to say I was devastated wouldn't begin to describe the laying on the floor in the closet, curled up into a fetal position, screaming my head off frustration that I felt. Ahem. Not that I did such things...but you know some people who are disappointed COULD do something like. Possibly. {wink}

Well, at last some results starting coming in last week. And I have lost about 10 pounds as of today. I've got a ways to go still and it's been a rough journey some days. But I couldn't not tell you this story I'm about to tell you. Because it's one of those moments you just never forget. NEVER.

As you saw from the previous post a certain boo had a birthday this week. And with birthdays come things like...cupcakes. And the cupcakes? They are not so good for the weight loss. But I allowed myself to have one the other day because, you can't just never eat cupcakes again. I'm pretty sure it's against the law.

So yesterday the boo and I were home most of the day together. We were cleaning, playing and just doing our normal thing. Well, then lunch time rolled around. And I was h-u-n-g-r-y. Sure enough upon opening the fridge I noticed that there were quite a few cupcakes in there.

Bad news.

The boo wanted a cupcake and had eaten most of her lunch so I allowed her to have one. And as I opened up that package the wonderful smell floated to my hungry taste buds. The frosting looked like a big fluffy cloud that needed a finger swiping through it. It did. And I swear those cupcakes said, "EAT ME". I'm sure of it.

As I stood there telling myself the cupcake was not worth it and I MUST put it away the boo suddenly started giggling at me. It's not unusual for her to do such things, so I didn't think much about it until I heard her go, "SSSSSSS".

I popped her a quick "huh?" kinda look and she spurted out: "Ha ha, der's a snake on your head!"

Not getting it at first I just looked at her and said, "Stop being so silly." And I went back to the great debate in my head of whether or not to eat the cupcake.

About thirty seconds later she did it again! "Ssssss....der's a snake on your head!"

And at that moment I stopped. I got it. I was faced with a huge temptation and here was my four year old "imagining" snakes on my head. You better believe those cupcakes got flung back into the refrigerator faster than I could blink!

A little weirded out? Um...yes.

I couldn't help but think of Eve in the garden of Eden through this situation. And how very real that temptation was in her life that day. A snake successfully led her into temptation through a food. And I don't think the devil has stopped working on women and food.

It's a real battle. But one that we can overcome!

Scripture tells us that the way to overcome is by rebuking our temptation with God's word. It's like giving it a big "take that". :)

For me the biggest passage of scripture I am saying aloud right now is
Matthew 4:4: "It is written, Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God." Because those are the very words that Jesus said to the enemy in the desert after fasting for forty days.

So while this story may weird some of you out I had to tell it. Because it made me realize that this battle is so real. I don't think I'll EVER forget that moment and how I felt. But I am thankful that God gave me eyes to see what was so in those trying moments.

What about you? What are some scriptures that you pray aloud? How do you overcome temptation of all kinds in your life? Please share with me because I'd love to hear it! :)


Jenifer said...

Oh my! Wow! Gives me chills!! It blows my mind sometimes at the ways God speaks to us; ways that really get our attention; ways that are personal and intimate.

When I'm feeling trapped or held captive by a lie the enemy feeds me, I claim, out loud, Galatians 5:1: "Christ has liberated me into freedom. Therefore (I am going to) stand firm and don't (not) submit again to a yoke of slavery." (personalization added)

Gets him off my back every time!!!

Great word, my friend!!!

Terri said...

Great visual! From the mouths of babes...! I will remember that one. When I am anxious I remember Isaiah 26:3 and focus steadfastly on the Lord to feel His peace.

Congratulations on your hard work paying off!!! Blessings!

Anonymous said...
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auburnchick said...

Oh my, but how scary was that?! I cannot even begin to imagine what it must have been like for your daughter to see that as well. What an incredible story you'll have to share with her as she grows older!

Running the race said...

That was an absolutely perfect visual. So you might not think she is listening to those bible stories but she is! I told Robert this one and he just he had Mountain Dew and a bag of chips on his desk this morning.

We know what we know is right but we do just the opposite. Bet you flee from those cup cakes from now on thanks to the words of a 4 year old!

Ginger said...

Amazing! That gave me goosebumps. Great connection to Eve. Thanks for sharing such an awewsome testimony. Hang in there. :)