Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And then...she 3 turned four. ;)

I can't believe the baby is four. FOUR y'all. Oh my and how this could turn into one sappy post about the growing up and no more babies to hold and blah blah blah...I shall not go there!(sniff)

Instead, I thought it would be fun for you to hear from the boo today. Since you hear about her quite a bit. {wink} She's short, she's sweet and she's right to the point. So she won't waste your time today. {smiles}

So without further ado may I present the boo and her very first Vlog!

Happy Birthday Kennedy!


Running the race said...
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Running the race said...

I am still getting this new google thing! Happy Birthday Kennedy! Mimi and Papa wish you an absolutely supercalafraglelistic day! Tell mom you want to watch Mary Poppins! I was wondering when you turn 4 do you still want to be called Boo? Or Kennedy? Love, Hugs and Kisses Mimi and papa

Rebecca Jo said...

How cute is she!!! I hope the no-thumb sucking pans out :)

Happy Birthday Kennedy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Kennedy! I found your blog thru Kelly's Korner and haven't had a lot of time to look around but LOVE what I have seen. I love your heart for Christ and your words have made me think about my own walk. So thank you!!

I hope you "baby" has a great day. My Kennacie will be 4 in April and is battling her thumb too ;)

Faith said...

Such a doll! Happy Birthday to Kennedy!

On Purpose said...

Oh Happy Birthday Miss Kennedy, you sweet adorable little cutie! Enjoy every second of being 4!

Ginger said...

Happy Birthday to your precious little girl. What a cutie!

Sarah Martin said...

I love my little friend! The pic at the end totally captures the Boo-big pink bow with a cute attitude.

This made my whole day!

Love ya little girly!