Monday, November 30, 2009

Be Blind.

Sometimes, I live life with blinders on...and it's bad. I tend to be very naive, thinking the best of everyone, that intentions are always pure and motives are always right. I do, I confess it and quite often I find myself in a frenzy because I've believed someone's false hope or lies.

I see the same attribute in my middle daughter Hope. She is the one who will be suckered into every sales deal, every chance to dream big and she will always lose on "Let's make a deal". But Taylor (the oldest) and Kennedy (the youngest) they will not be blind-sided through life, nope, not them. They don't fall for daddy's tricks or mommy's tactics to get them to clean, they see it for what it's worth!

This past weekend, Kris and I had the chance to see this movie:

Besides the incredible true story-line for this movie it really left a huge effect on my heart. One that wraps itself up in the Lord's truth.

Sometimes, we need our eyes to be opened. We do. There are times when harm is headed our way and the Lord has to reveal it one by one. We may not want to see it, we may not want to believe it but only God can reveal it in His time. But then, there are times when we need to put our blinders on.



We have this ability to size other's up the moment they walk into a room. We cling to people who are like-minded and walk the same walk we do. To do what is always known is what is familiar and feels good.

I have a friend. A friendship that would seem to other's very, unlikely. She is beautiful (intimidating beautiful), she is wealthy (I am not), she is older than me, she has a different story than me and she is someone that I think very highly of. But I have to be totally honest, when I first started becoming friends with her, it felt un-comfortable.

I felt like I was so opposite of her and where would we ever find a common ground? But I have to share with you that she has become one of the best-friends I have ever had in my life. We have walked through thick and thin...good times and bad....happy and sad....hormonal and non-hormonal. And it's really a beautiful friendship. We get each other...we really do.

But had I kept my normal insecurities and held onto what I had always known, I would have missed out on an incredible relationship in my life. Much like what this movie was about. I'm sure you can think of a relationship in your life that is exactly the same that turned into an unexpected blessing.

I don't want to give too much away about this movie in case you haven't seen it. :) However, I am challenged to keep my blinders on...sometimes. I am challenged to love so much it hurts in the most unlikely way. I am challenged to be the hands and feet to someone in need and to stretch myself like never before. I am challenged to see other's the way God sees them and to be carefree before my let Him lead and let Him show me.

"....Live carefree before God; He is most careful with you..." -1 Peter 5:6 (MSG)

What about you? If you've seen the movie, what effect did it have on you?

In Him,


Rebecca Jo said...

So wise... I think there is much to be said as well for younger people to open themseles to storise & lives of the elderly too... people that wouldnt normally talk... such wisdom to be shared!

I'm wanting so badly to go see this movie - but nothing blowing up in it, so my husband isnt for it... gotta get some girlfriends together I guess! :)

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Did you tell him it's about foot-ball? My husband was drawn to it for that reason alone. :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the movie but probably will at some point...when it comes out on video.

However, I had to comment about the unlikely friendship.

I have the uncanny knack of befriending, as my daughter calls them, the "weird" kids at school.

I'm a substitute teacher who is looking forward to having my own classroom one day.

For some reason, these students...the ones others see as misfits...find a special place in my heart.

I don't go looking for this, but I'm so blessed by it.

Kudos to you for branching out and opening your heart. I have a difficult time with this too but am always pleasantly surprised when the magic happens.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

I agree! So many times the blessings are found in the most unexpected places ever! Hooray for you in what you are doing with those kids. How awesome!

nanatrish said...

This was a great post! Familiar is always easier, but when we see the joy that change can bring it's really fun. My husband thought the movie might have to much bad language and stuff. You guys didn't think so? I think it's better to be trustworthy than jaded and cynical. You always seem so sweet.

Sharon Brumfield said...

Haven't seen the movie yet...but Julia did with her youth group...they enjoyed it.
I don't ever walk around with blinders on...and sometimes that makes life a little rough.
And since I haven't seen the movie...I will say that personally the best times in life have been those when I was willing to walk around with blinders created by God's love. Blessed were those people who were touched by my life during this time. ;) Oh to wear His blinders all the time.