Sunday, October 25, 2009

When the Flu met the Boo.

A few days ago a certain someone came a knocking on the door of our home.

Mr. Flu.

And it just so happened that the first person to greet the unwanted guest was the Boo. Of course.

At first she was whiny with a cough and then she was whiny and sleepy. And then when she was whiny with a fever, we had to make a visit her most favorite person, The Doctor.

Do you know what drama comes with such person in the boo's life?

Sweet Mercy.

But thankfully we were in and out of that appointment as quickly as she said, "Just a spoon full of sugar with some Motrin and extra love is all you need Ms.Boo."

The doctor left her with some very specific instructions to wash her hands good and to not sneeze or cough on anyone. Because these were some FIERCE germs she had and we wouldn't want anyone else to get sick would we? We all shook our heads in total agreement.

Because three-year-olds fully comprehend the concept of little tiny germ bugs flying through the air and making a new home on someone else's immune system. {wink}

So for most of the day she was heart-breaking....she was...really. I mean, I just hate having complete silence and a child who will do nothing but lay on the couch all-day-long. {wink}

But around 2pm that day, which just so happens to be the time of day when it's time to pick the sissy's up from school, Mr.Flu started to leave this boo of mine. Her color came back, her fever left and she was willing to eat Popsicles again, so we were quite pleased with the progress.

But, Mr.Flu left quite an impression on this here Kennedy. In fact so much so that she convinced herself that the flu had not left her yet. Or she began to realize that the only productivity involved with the flu included watching Noggin and slurping Popsicles and that just seemed awfully nice to her. {grin}

However, nothing could have prepared me for the greatest effect that the flu had on this child.


The fact was, she began to realize that with her strict instructions from the doctor to not cough or sneeze on anyone because she could spread the germs...she could in fact become like...a weapon.

Oh yes, and a fierce one at that.

In her itty-bitty-reduced-fever mind, she quickly conceived the fact that if her sisters did not give her the purple crayon the second she wanted it....she could ..."a-choo" on them. And if her mommy did not give her a chocolate Popsicle, even if there was none to be found in the entire freezer....she could cough on her. And possibly, if you looked at her the wrong way....she could lick you.

Because she......had the.....flu.

The dangerous, fast-spreading and watchful.....flu. And she was QUITE aware of how to pass that sucker onto someone else. Don't cha know?

And for an entire 24 hours she attempted to summon us all with her threats. Until this here momma had quite enough. In which I then shooed her little-sneaky-sassy-hiney outside and engulfed her head with the knowledge of fresh air.....which kills all germs. AHEM.

So....Dear Mr.Flu Bug, I beg you to not return to this home of mine. And if you do, please stop by and visit the other people's in this house. Because they will not abuse the authority in which you greatly pass along. They will simply do their time on the couch with soup and sleep and go about their business.


Your latest victim's momma

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Luann said...

Love the post. I can just see her holding everyone hostage :) Let's hope the rest of the flu season goes as well! Fresh air does wonders!