Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let's talk about moolah.

While I do NOT profess to be some coupon-crazed-money-savin-knock-em-out-momma....I do like to save some money here and there.

First, the disclaimer:

I am not expert.

I am not obsessed with this.

I do not know all the secrets, deals and scoop on everything. I get all of my groceries for free, go to five different stores a week or anything of the sorts.

Ok. :)

I'm just a regular woman like you. (Just as a side-note, I don't know if there are any men other than my dad who occasionally reads this here blog, but if you do, don't take offense to the referring of the women and the sorts... :)

But a few of my new face book friends have requested a blog on this topic so how could I let them down? {wink}

This year I actually have a few speaking engagements that the leaders of the groups have asked for this topic so this blog will be a good place to start, get feed-back and help me know what women want to know about this.

Coupons. Money. Spending it and using them.

Just as a little background on me, this is a woman who once had no value of the dollar bill. I will be honest. I would bounce checks, overdraft my account and spend money like it meant nothing to me...just being real here.

But....when you suddenly become a wife, a momma to not one, not two but three little expensive divas and they start to actually eat like REAL FOOD, ALL THE TIME and want this and causes you to look at things a little closer.

That....and conviction. ;)

Conviction is a beautiful thing....isn't it? My husband is nodding his head.

So I thought today I would start with the basics since so many want to know just how to get started.

First though, let me share something. About 7 years ago Kris and I were going through one of the hardest times in our lives....a time where we lost a lot....including our's true....We had just gone through a job loss, a little girl having a major surgery (Taylor), Kris being in the hospital sick with Chron's Disease and a job lay-off. The medical bills were over $30,000 that WE owed.....yes, you read that right.

And let me say...this is not easy to write on this blog....because 90% of you don't leave comments....ahem. ;) so I don't always know who my readers are....But, that's ok.....I know that God is asking me to share this story and although it's painful and many judgements will be placed, it's what happened....and that's that.

If I can encourage, love and support just one other person....that is always my goal. So it's worth it to be vulnerable if it helps someone.

Anyway, we went through a bible study called "Crown Financial" at our church at the time.

In this group we learned lot's about money but the Lord was dealing with some deeper issues than just money with Kris and I. We had to learn to trust Him through everything...painful and not was all God's.

One of the first verses we ever learned in this study was this one 1 Chronicles 29:11:

"Yours, O LORD, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours. Yours, O LORD, is the kingdom; you are exalted as head over all."

Taylor was about two at the time and she would listen to Kris and I memorize these scriptures together and at that amazingly young age she came up with this song to go with that scripture:

"Every thing's Gods.....Every thing's Gods......Everything God's....oh Every thing's God's."

And aren't you so sad that you don't get to hear me sing that song to you?? :)

But that silly song has stuck with me FOREVER and a year now. And as I get stressed out, I get into a panic mode or I wonder what we are going to do...that song will pop in my heart...always.

So I am in constant reminder that through the plenty and through the's all God's. None of this is mine nor will it ever be. Where we live, what we drive, the clothes we wear, the food we eat and the hair dye that gets put on my roots {wink}'s all God's.

Ok, so onto to what I would like to accomplish through this blog over the next few days. The main topic of interest is these coupons....and what to do with to use them...when to use them.

But there has to be a deeper heart issue than just wanting to save money. It's obedience.

Because here's what I see.....

I hear lot's of women say this, "I just don't have time for that."

Or, "I just do not understand how it works."

And even, "Can you really save that much money?"

I'm going to be kinda blunt for just a second...I tend to have the same attitude towards exercise....I don't like to do....It takes up too much time....and I just don't understand how to get going in the right direction all the time. But...when I don't exercise and when I don't take care of my body...I'm in disobedience...and one day...there will be consequences for it if I don't change.

I feel the same way about money.

When our eyes are opened in a new way and we have that knowledge...we need to use it. Just like with exercise it takes time, energy and a good attitude to do it and do it's the same with coupons. You have to get into a routine, you have to develop your style (yes, there's all types of styles out there) and you have to want to use what the Lord has given you in an outstanding way!

There's a wealth of knowledge out there and I don't claim to have it all. But I'm always looking for a good deal but not to the point of obsession...just enough. You know??

So today....let's start with some terms that you will need to know as you get started. Again...this is not going to be an in depth blog series....just the basics.


Q's= Coupons. I don't know who came up with that...but that's what they are!

BOGO= I heart this term very much BUY ONE GET ONE

Blinkie= These are q's that you find at the stores that are in the machines that pop out

Tear Pad= These are q's that you will find in the stores on a tear pad next to the product typically

Catalina= These are the q's that come out at the register after you pay...with your receipt. Can I tell you how many times I would throw those away before??? AHHHH. Sometimes they are the best deals!

Rebate=This is something you will mail in like a UPC label with a receipt to get money back

Red Plum= This is a coupon circular that comes out weekly

Smart Source= Another q circular

Printable= This is a q you can print off a website (we'll get to more of that later)

Now for those of you who want to go deeper {winks} here is the link to a website I use all the time called and it's a link of ALL the lingo that's out there: CLICK HERE. And if I missed a term for the basics please feel free to leave it in the comments! :)

So that's all for today. If you have some time try to get familiar with these abbreviations and lingo. It will help you a LOT as you get started.

Come back tomorrow for another post as we start to talk about the where to find q's,...and we'll start to look at when and where to use these q's. And other exciting stuff.

Ok? :)

Hope you enjoy these posts! I'd love to hear from you if you have questions, ideas or input into these next few posts.

Have a great day!


Faith said...

Very neat! I look forward to learning more. The lingo is a great place to start =) Thanks for the tips....I am all about saving some money!

Unreasonable Grace said...

ok, I'm game. I'll pay attention, learn something and save some money!

Mimi C said...

Hi Nicki..ok so you are teaching your mom something about coupons! I use to do this a long time ago but got away from it! Yes you are right. Everything, yes everything we have belongs to God. I am here to tell you that dad and I have tried to live that out and God has never not been there! I am glad to see you are doing this!

Melissa said...

I use to throw away the catalinas too and the other day I got one for $1 off of any meat!! I could not believe it b/c you hardly ever get coupons for meat! It's really important to pay attention to those. I'm trying!!