Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Update and Stuff...:)

Like my title? I know....very creative and I thought long and hard about it. :)

So, I'm sooooo excited to update you on this past week's events! Taylor, Hope and Kris all went up to New York to run in a race that is held every year in honor of Kris's uncle. You can read more about it here, if you'd like.

Taylor did an awesome job! She came in 2nd place in her age group with a time of 29:36. Pretty awesome for an 8-year-old! And the age category was 12 and under and the girl who beat her was 12 and it was a 6 second time difference! CLOSE!!!

I was so proud of Taylor but not just because of how well she ran, I mean, I was very impressed. But Taylor decided before she left that she wanted to run this race in honor of her sweet little friend, Rashael. (click her name to read the story)

We were driving down the road the day before she left and she said, "Mommy, I think I'm going to cry.....I miss Rasheal so much and I know she always wanted to run in a race. Do you think I could run for her?"

To say my breath was taken away by that question, wouldn't even been enough. I was so proud of my girl for thinking of her friend.

So we wrote on the back of her shirt, "I'm running for Rashael."

Here is a picture of Taylor crossing the finish line....

This is a great picture......see the guy in the middle? (that's Kris) But see the guy to the left of Kris? This cracks me up.....that's her uncle she is passing!!! Go girl go!!

And this is Kris with his brother Craig, (taylor didn't pass him!) and this is Taylor right after she got done and on the phone with me....I was soooo proud of her!! She did an awesome job! :) And sweet Hopie!

Hope was a super supporter of her sissy! She made signs and everything. I was proud of her for being such a good trooper about the race. :)

The girls also got to head into the city one day and do lot's of fun stuff like visit the American girl doll store, FAO Schwartz Toy store, time square and they even had their first hot-dog sitting on the streets of NY City!

They also had a lot of good time to visit with Kris's brother and his wife and their little cousin. I'm so glad they got to experience all they did....but I did wish I was with them a lot

I got lot's done while they were away and the boo went up to Asheville with my parents. I'm still not totally ready for She Speaks but I'm getting there...little by little.

Moving in the midst of getting ready for this conference is a little hectic, and maybe a little insane....:) But, God assured me that He's in control of this. No matter what happens.....

Well, I just wanted to share with you a little bit of the weekend. I have more to share with you tomorrow....something you might be interested in so check back ok?

Have an awesome week!


Rebecca Jo said...

Look at your girl crossing the finish line! How proud you must be!!!

Joyful said...

Always so much fun to visit here Nicki. I hope to be back later tonight and catch up on some posts I've missed.

Three cheers of praise for ALL your family!!!! So sweet. You are so blessed!


Jennifer said...

What to go, Taylor!! How cool! and how super sweet to run for her friend! I know you must be bustin' with mommy-pride :)

Pinkshoelady said...

It is one of the most blessed moments when we watch our children do what is hard...right.. and a sacrifice for them.

what a blessed woman/mom you are!

Did I miss something? Where are you moving to?

I'm going to be looking for you at She Speaks next week. I would love to meet you in person and hug your neck!