Monday, May 11, 2009

So excited!

Well, today is the day!!!

For what, you ask?


Just click here and I'll let you go see what it all about......come back when you're done ok??!! =)

Ok are you back now?

So here's the thing.....I would LOVE for all you bloggy friends to come too! How fun would that be??!! And $65?!! What a deal!

I'm very excited about this retreat.....if you can't tell =). But I promise this blog won't become a promoting the retreat thing 24/7 thing.

So how was your mother's day? (if you are a momma) I hope it was good! Mine was very sweet complete with homemade cards, sweet kisses and girly's screaming/fighting/having knock down's.......I mean, it just wouldn't be mother's day without it right??? =) One day......(sighs)

Ok, now......I had such HIGH hopes of posting the special thing I did for the bible study girls. I had made a video to the song "I will rise" by Chris Tomlin. But for the life of me I can't get it uploaded on this blog. So I'm soooooo sorry. I worked so hard on it too! But maybe it was only supposed to be for that group. =) The last night of bible study was so sweet!!

I will never, never forget that amazing group of women. Never.

I'm taking a break this summer from teaching. I need time to re-group and get ready for the She Speaks conference as well as my new homeschool adventures next year........YIKES.

So surely this blog will get more attention over the summer. =)

Ok, well, let me know your thoughts on the retreat! Good or bad......suggestions.....anything! And really let me know if you're thinking about coming!! =) I will be so excited for you!!


Kay Martin said...

I'll be there. Maybe I can room with one of the She Speaks bloggers? This looks wonderful...I'm so proud of you and the women who head this to make the investment of time, etc to bring it about. I will pray for you all.

JenB said...

How awesome! And Amy's in on it too!! I can't wait to talk to y'all about this. Very cool.

Faith said...

This is exciting!! I know that you girls are having a great time planning it and I know it will be an awesome time in the Lord!

Rebecca Jo said...

I can feel your excitement all the way here!!!! Looks like an awesome weekend!! Nothing like a women's retreat to pump you full of God!!!!

Ginger said...

Wow this sounds very exciting! What an awesome opportunity. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you begin to prepare.

Louise said...

That sounds like a blast!!
I would love to come but we've got our family vacation booked for the same time.
Have fun planning. Can't wait to hear all about it!
Happy to hear you had a great mothers day!

Jennifer said...

The retreat sounds awesome...the end of January could not be a better time for a get away/retreat - always such a hard time! I plan to be there!!

Sarah Martin said...

Yay! So blessed to be serving with you my friend! Can't wait to see everyone there!

Valarie said...

Girl, let me know if you need someone to lead worship! LOL Just kiddin'!

Sharon Brumfield said...

I am so excited for you!
It has been a road....and it seems like God is removing some of the road blocks finally.
I'm proud of you girl...keep listening....and He will keep speaking to you so that you can speak to His people.
How awesome!