Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Feelin dry?

The other day the girls were in the Kitchen eating their dinner and I was doing what I do most nights while they are up after them! We try to eat as a family when Kris is home (which is rare) but normally it's just the three of them and me cleaning up.

Well, I suddenly heard the very common shouts of "I'm tellin!" and "OOOOOOOO".

I sincerely do a lot of rolling of the eyes in my home, and you bet your britches that I was eager to roll my eyes into those girly's faces as soon as one of them came scootin my way to tell on their very own dearly beloved. Which, just so happens very frequently round here.

But soon then after the shouts of tatle tellin, I heard......"EWE!!! She peed EVERYWHERE!! MOOOOMMMMYYY!!!!!"

Aggravated that they were messing up my cleaning schedule, I came marching into the kitchen to stop this madness!

"Taylor! Kennedy does not pee on herself anymore! WE are OVER THAT. Now stop it!!!" along with a little..just a little...'rollin of the eyes.

"But...BUT MOMMY!! There's PEE ON MY SHOES!!"

And I quickly glanced down at my feet, that were feeling a little soggy themselves, sure enough, there was a POOL of pee flowing from underneath the Kennyboo.

Then all eyes were on me. They were looking. They were waiting. They were anxious. They were waiting on the edge of their little seats. "What is she gonna do?" was written all over their faces.

So I looked at the boo accused of such things and said, "Kennedy, did you pee pee?"

"Um, no." She replied so bluntly.

Again I asked, "Kennedy, did you pee pee on your seat?"

She aggravatingly said to me with a red face, "UM NO!"

Then I saw've seen it too, the puckering of the lips, the eyes falling to the floor and the pizza sauce dripping from her mouth, and then it came....the truth filled meltdown.

"I nini't KNOW!!!!" she squealed. "I nini't know I pee pee on myself!" in her little southern-sassy-crying-fit way.

"Kennedy Grace. You didn't know you pee peed all over?" heartbroken looking at her.

"no.....I dot I was dry!" she, holding up her little hands so confused-like.

At this point her two older sissy's were laughing away at her. In which I told them if they didn't stop making fun of her, that instant, THEY would be the ones cleaning up the pee. That straightened them...for a moment.

As I was changing Kennedy's clothes and assuring her that life would go on in the other room, I heard some cooler than cool girly's at the table, in whispers of giggling, going on and on like this: "How could she have peed on herself? And not know it? And Oh my gosh, that's soooo gross. I NEVER did that." giggle, giggle, giggle.

Oh yes....they did.

After we had a "little" self-seeking recall lesson of: Let me tell you every-which-way-why stories of them and their little "oops" incidents when they were three, and another repeat episode of don't-you-eva-make-fun-of-your-sister-again. They were handed paper towels and cleaner.

"Clean it" I said in my most motherly-don't-mess-with-me-tone. (I'm getting it perfected every day)

You would've thought I'd just been a judge in a court room handing out and unjustly death penalty ruling by the looks on their little faces. But, begrudgingly, they got down, on their hands and knees and cleaned every bit of that "pool" up.

As I was reflecting on these types of days, the days that seem to go on forever with no ending in sight, I was reminded through the confusion of the Kennyboo that sometimes I could relate to.

Sometimes, we just all feel dry, don't we?

But in reality we are sinking in our own ways, our own selfish desires, our own perspectives and our own misery. And a lot of this world is filled with unfortunate attitudes, much displayed as in my older girly's this day, of "Ha! Ha! She doesn't even know she's sinking."

Matthew 18:15 says: “If your brother sins, go and show him his fault when the two of you are alone. If he listens to you, you have regained your brother."

I wonder what this world would look like if we so gently gave that nudge of "Hey girl, you might be sinking a little." Instead of watching them drown all the way?

There might just be a whole lot more soaring than sinking.

Thoughts to think on...thoughts to think on.


Sarah Martin said...

Poor Kennyboo! I just wanted to cry right along with her! Girl, if I'm ever sinking, you just go right ahead, get in my face, and tell me to straighten up sister!

I promise I won't stay mad for long :)...

Great thoughts my sweet friend...

love ya tons

Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my goodness... I can totally picture this whole story in my mind!!!

What a good mom for teaching a lesson!

And what a wonderful woman to share the lesson that we all need to hear!

Sharon Brumfield said...

Now that was a good life lesson!
I can almost picture Jesus using it as a parable....could you even imagine...:)
But although it has been a LONG time since I created a pool at my has not been so long since I sat in a muddy pool I had created because of my rebellion.

Good for you for handing out the paper towels and cleaner.

I'm thinking that God has had to pull out a whole lot of DOWNY (s.p)<- (that's what happens when you don't use the expensive stuff-you don't know how to spell it ;)
to wipe up the mess I've left behind. I am glad He is so patient. :)

Loved the retelling of this story.

Irritable Mother said...

Good thoughts to think on. Thanks!

If Kennyboo is still feeling bad, you can share this story with her. My big girl - she's 13 now - recently found herself sitting on the kitchen floor laughing. And she as laughing soooo hard, that she peed, too! Really. When she was finally able to stand up, there was a little puddle right where she'd been sitting!
She cleaned it up and we all laughed a little more. Even big girls have accidents sometimes. *grin*

Kay Martin said...

You are an amazing writer, mother and TV needs you in black robe holding a gavel!!!

This was so wonderful I can't take away from it with a long post. I felt each person's feelings...this is a WOW post. This one goes in the book for sure.

Louise said...

Ah poor Kennyboo. You are a good mom!!
Your thoughts are so true!! I would far rather have someone nudge me than watch me drown..
Thanks dear!
Have a fabulous weekend.