Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Somethings to smile about...one day.


I'm just totally in the midst of it right now.

In fact, I should be inserting a pin into at least two dozen eggs at the moment and fiercely blowing the yoke out of them......but I'm not. (for our Gems crafts, of course) Instead I find myself right where I need to be....procrastinating.

I will indeed be ok if I NEVER and I mean NEVER have to blow yokes out of eggs ever again.




Mercy Lord!! Mercy!!

It's just "not right".

So, this morning I opened up my daughter's folder and began to prepare to sign her papers for school. You know, some ridiculous thing they make us overworked momma's do.......yes, like actually SIGN things.

And yes, I'm totally the mom who gets the paper's sent home again and again........"Mrs. Koziarz, please make sure you sign here and here and here and here." And the mom who gets the phone call "Um are you EVER going to send in your child's field trip money" and the "Your child is without her lunch......again." I mean.....I'm always on the "list" to call. ALWAYS.

Anyway, I read that my daughter, Hope has indeed gotten what would be referred to as an "F" in Kindergarten.....yes an F which they call and a "BE" (below expectations) to soothe those tender-K5-easily-offended emotions.

On of all things.......a bible verse.

I know! Utter shock!

Apparently she felt the translation went something along the lines of "And forgive us this day of our daily bread...."

I mean.....It works for me. We all need a little forgiveness for all that bread that goes into our mouths!


F it is.

A+ in my heart for you girly.

Then, I listened to the MOST fascinating conversation between two certain said girly's who were talking about a mysterious book found in the library with THE most top secret news of the year!

Apparently, there's a book that has been "secretly" discovered, that has a woman with the biggest........well.........you know what's in the world record! And they are like "12 yards" long "apparently"!

At our church!

A book!

With this info.

Oh my word. Surely some type of 3rd grade exaggeration. Right?

Regardless, Hope is making sure that tomorrow night before church (against all of my knowledge), that Taylor will indeed show her the exact location of where this book is, in the library, at our church so that Hope can show the utter shock and disbelief to her little kindergarten crew on her next library day.....and surely a phone call home to this momma will soon to follow!


But this is "huge".....to them.......apparently. =)

Oh my goodness.

Oh but nothing was as good as certain little boo's teacher asking me if she needed to call DSS?


Ya, apparently the Kennyboo has been telling ALL KINDS, I mean ALL KINDS of stories about hot sauce being swished into her mouth because I, her momma, just don't "wike er".

I do believe that is mouth wash baby girl. And you did that on your own free will or perhaps under the influence of two sissy's. Not your momma!

I mean..... surely, it's just all priceless.



the alleys said...

oh my word. i can't believe i work in a place that has a book in it's library like that ;). i need to go on a field trip with your girlys tonight to scope it out for myself :). love, love, love them!

My Army Brats and Me said...

Where have you been? Or is it me?? Pray that my house sells soon. I am almost done with radiation! Thank you Lord. I hope you had a wonderful date with you man:)

Love ya

Ginger said...

Out of the mouths of babes! Hilarious. "A" for effort on that bible verse! Not bad. :)

Rachel Olsen said...


Smiles ~ Rachel