Sunday, March 29, 2009


My Kennedy ,(3) is a very observant child.

And I mean VERY.

She notices every pimple, every un-plucked eyebrow, every piece of green stuff in your teeth, every "most beautiful" piece of jewelry, every new shower curtain liner....I mean EVERYTHING.

So why was I surprised, that when I put on a pair of shoes this morning that I hadn't wore in quite sometime and she so over-the-top-bluntly said, " got NEW SHOES on. Oh my are so BIG. Day musitn hurt your feet." (and yes, I said mustin and day, that is how she speaks FOR REAL)

She just notices "things"........that sometimes I just never do!

The other day a friend and I were driving down the road. We were discussing all the in's and out's of life and began to discuss bible study.

At one point in the conversation she said, "Did you notice so-in-so? She looked so beautiful the other night."

I replied that I did notice that so-in-so was beautiful and that I had also noticed a deep down change in her life lately. Something that seemingly makes her glow. (And no.....she's not pregnant....or at least I don't think so!)

And then earlier tonight, I was thinking about all the sweet When Wallflower's Dance bible study girls....yes girls.....I think of you often. =) Remember you are my BFF's!

I began to think about Wednesday night and how the glow in the room was "different" than it was our first night together and not just because of the super cute candles on the table!

There was something different.....very different. A glow, a shimmer of light, a sparkle if I may say, upon many faces. At first I didn't know what it was. I thought maybe just the holy spirit showing up in a new way for me or maybe it really was the lighting.....I didn't really know.

But then it clicked with me tonight what it was.

There's something different about women who are dancing with Jesus. There's something different about men who lay down their pride before the cross. There is something different about those who have been in the presence of the Lord...something different.

You can fake being nice, You can fake being ok, You can fake being sick, You can fake being you.......

But oh my friends you cannot fake the joy of the presence that Jesus brings. You just can't! It just doesn't work and people notice.

One of my all time favorite passages of scripture is Luke 2.

Where the angel appears to the Shepperd's in the fields, particularly 2:9 "And the glory of the Lord shone all around them..."

What an awesome picture of God's presence being something incredible, powerful.....even something that frightened them at first! I can almost guarantee that when the Shepperd's left that scene, they were not the all.

I imagine that their faces had a different look on them, something that someone would notice right off that something was......different.

And so, I finally realized what it is about this group of women.

They are dancing.

With Jesus.

Wrapped up in His arms.

Glowing with the warmth of His touch.

Shimmering like a girl who just fell in love.

There's a twinkle in their eyes.

And they.......are different.

It's a precious thing be different. It's noticeable.


Technonana said...

I think there is a theme in the blogs that I have read tonight. My Friend Amrita, in India, posted something simular.
Hmmmm, do you think God could be up to something?

the alleys said...

ohh...first of all, i LOVE your kennedy. she just makes me smile and makes my heart happy :) (if that's not a preschool phrase, i don't know what is ;).
second of all, i just want to say that it is quite noticeable that you are serving God in your "sweet spot"'s amazing and remarkable. love you!

Rebecca Jo said...

Your insight always blesses me!

On Purpose said...

Thank you for sharing "the view"!

Praising God that HE makes us look, feel and be different!!

Jennifer said...

So true....oh, to be someone noticeably different!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

This was so sweet to read! And you're so can't hide it when you have been with Jesus. Moses's face showed it. The disciples showed it. And we can show it to as you have just described! How wonderful of you to notice! :)

I'm having a giveaway on my blog today and tomorrow to celebrate my 1-year-blogging-anniversary. Please feel free to stop by!


Kay Martin said...

Thank God you are leading these women into this intimacy with the Lord. Wish I could travel to join in. Keep on keeping on 'cause this sounds wonderful.