Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not how I would do it!

Have you ever been somewhere and been listening to someone share about how they are trying to figure something out in their life, and then, they say something that makes you go...."huh?".

And deep in your soul you say something to the sorts of "Not how I would do that!"...but don't dare say it to their face?

Well, it seems like I continually have this "face off" with the Lord.

This week God is doing all kinds of things in my heart! Some good.......some I'd rather skip over.

But the biggest thing God is showing me over and over, is......This is how HE does things.

Remember the old school song, "This is how we do it baby." Ya, I'm totally singing that in my head right now! Ahhh.

The other day the Kennyboo and the Hopie were playing with their kitchen and cooking me up something delicious for sure! Probably play dough and a juice box mixed together.

I overheard Kennedy say something that made me think of myself. That girly is forever being in my face showing ME who I am!

She is becoming quite a little perfectionist, something I don't care for in my children.........Taylor is one too and I don't need two of those things running around here, thank you very much.

Well, Hope is just a free spirit......I mean if there was ever a flower child, she is it! Time means nothing to her, messes mean nothing to her, switching from one thing to the next without even the thought of cleaning things up.....I mean, she just goes with the flow and doesn't really ever care about the who's the whys and the how comes of everything. There are NO rules in Hopies life!

As Kennedy was "teaching" her how to cook, she was getting very frustrated! "DIS NOT HOW YOU DO IT HOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPE!!!!!" (screaming on the top of her lungs)

Enter Taylor. Perfectionist number 1.

"Ya Hope, you have do put the pot on the stove first, you can't just eat it! It wouldn't be cooked."

Hope let's out the biggest giggle ever and says, "I don't care, I do it how I want to."

By this point perfectionist number 2 was becoming quite flustered with herself. In fact, so much so she was about to have a major melt down!!

As I sat and watched my girls work their perfectionist issues out, God began to speak to me. "Hmmmm Nicki, you kinda sound like the Kennyboo many times when I show you a way that doesn't seem right to YOU."

I almost gasped at this conviction! "Lord, are you comparing me to an almost three year old diva perfectionist????!!!!"

Surely NOT.

Um, yes!

I sank into my thoughts and began to realize that I do the same thing. "But Lord, this just doesn't look right on paper!" or "Lord, how is that EVER gonna work." and even "Lord, this is NOT how I do things!!"

This morning God showed me a verse you and I have all read many times.

"For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Neither are your ways My ways," declares the Lord.
-Isaiah 55:8

He brought this incident to mind and again showed me that I have to be willing and ready to see things from His perspective. Although it may not "make sense" to ME, it's how HE is working.

Seeking to find Him in every step (even through 3 year old perfectionist Divas),


Kay Martin said...

Love it. He means it when He tells us His ways are not our ways. I am finding His mercy and compassion and grace exceed anything I can wrap my little pea brain around.

Invariably the conflict for me comes in my human judgmental self and His unconditional loving holy Self.

Your girls remind me of my son and daughter. I guess every family has one of each extreme. Seems the perfectionist have such a strain.

Love you,

JenB said...

Oh man, it's so humbling when God shows you yourself in your kids. Especially something about yourself you aren't really happy about. I'm pretty sure that's one of the reasons He gives them to us.

Ginger said...

Wow. Been there. He has such a way of showing us His ways!

nanatrish said...

Great insights. He is always there for us and shows us lessons in so many unusual ways. You are blessed to have your three beautiful daughters. So many adventures to share and in the big scheme of little time. They are so sweet and will grow up so fast. I love how they pretend cook. One day you'll blink and they will be adults.

Rebecca Jo said...

I love those "Oh snap" moments where you realize areas that you fail & never really thought much of it before....

another wonderful post!