Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let it snow!

"Cleanse me with the hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow."
-Psalm 51:7

Well we've had the great winter "blast" of '09! I laugh as I write that because only 2 inches of snow cover our grounds and the news is defining it as a "Blast". Cracks me up!

But the girls got a snow day today and I am very happy too! Especially since our little "incident" at Monkey Joe's last night that landed Hope in an ambulance ride and the ER. She is ok, she has a fractured jaw, but will be ok!

Poor girly! She keeps giving us a run for our money!!

Today is a big day for Charlotte, our first snow of '09, but today is a HUGE day for our country, a new President!

I'm sure like you, I will be glued to the TV throughout the day seeing what's going on and how people are reacting!

It's a historical day but also one that needs to be covered in prayer! Not only for the decisions that our new President will make right away but for the thousands and thousands of people that are coming to this event.

Something is happening........something I've not seen in a long time. Perhaps you are seeing it too.

These words are being said on the news over and over:

The Lord
Divine Intervention
The bible says

Have you been hearing it too?

As I looked outside this morning and saw the ground covered with snow, I immediately thought of this verse in Psalms! This is a verse we need to pray over all of our government, especially our new President. He needs our prayers! Whether we like him or not.....He needs us.

To ask the Lord to cover this man with integrity, strength, wisdom and honor are perfect words that describe what it means to be "whiter than snow". Of course if He doesn't know Jesus as His personal Savior, I'm quite sure He will have the opportunity!

Dearest Lord,

Let it snow! Everywhere! May people see snow flakes and think of you!! Wouldn't you just be so cool God to let snowflakes be sprinkled upon their heads at this inauguration today? Lord, show off big time! Let your people return to you. Yes, God, bring change to our country, but let it be godly change.

Lord, I pray for safety for all these people involved today. I pray for immediate discernment upon hearts that have big decisions to make. I pray for hearts that don't know you as their Savior to know you right away!

I pray that you would continually remind me and other's to pray, pray, pray for our government. God YOU are the one in control. You give free choice, but YOU are God. I love how your name and hints of you are showing up all over the world. Lord, you are showing yourself and I love to see it.

From an Angel appearance in a local hospital, to healing from Cancer, to a plane that everyone should have died, to a baby that didn't have any hope for survival, to news anchors saying things like "Faith" and "prayer works" and to the numerous other ways you show up daily in this world......let people see it!!

Not taking ONE step without you Lord,


Louise said...

WOW a fractured jaw, that is crazy..hopefully she will heal quickly.

Yes do pray for your president...great thoughts!


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Hope the jaw heals quickly!

What a great prayer you wrote! Our pastor preached Sunday on "The Hope of America". He said that our hope is not in one man but that our hope is that we as a nation return to the God of our Fathers in repentance and faith. I think that's truly the answer.

Enjoy that snow! Believe it or not we even got some snow flurries down here in Mississippi this morning. Of course none of it stuck on the ground!

God bless!


Ginger said...

Hi there,

I certainly hope your little one is going to be o.k. That happened to my niece. Don't you just love a snow day? Today has been so fun...even though there really wasn't much of a "blast"! ha :)

I'm with you. We need to pray for our new leader and his family. I pray for him to seek God in every decision he makes.

Joyful said...

I have to admit to giggling about all the posts I'm reading today about your snow day! If yours is a "Blast", I wonder what they'd call our 6 foot snowbanks at the end of our driveway - and we haven't even had one snow day! I guess that's just life in Canada.

Trusting that Hope is feeling better. Poor little girl. *ouch*

I did watch some of the inauguration on TV today while visiting my parents. I too am praying for your President.


Mimi C said...

Nicki, a very nice balanced assessment of what went on today. God is in control as always.

Hey We got 3 inches..it is still coming down in Weaverville! I am praying for Hope. So there is nothing they can do for her?

Jennifer said...

Wow...you mentioned Hope's jaw so calmly - I think I would have been freaking out...a fractured jaw sound horrible. Praying that she will heal quickly.

Thanks for sharing such a powerful prayer for our president. Our country truly needs its people to pray!

Kay Martin said...

A fractured jaw ontop of the other medical concerns your family has faced this year: it's been much. But your spirit is beautiful.

It is wonderful to read and see Jesus shining through you. That is one of the main reasons we live to show His strength through our whatevers to show "nevertheless" God reigns and wins.

I'm jealous...down here in SC and no snow in my town.

Hope all heals quickly.

God bless.