Friday, September 12, 2008

Unlikely Part 2

Well, I got myself some good coffee this morning and the Kennyboo some doughnuts and she's watching a movie. So, MAYBE, just maybe, I'll get this post up today!! =)

You all are the sweetest blog readers ever! I think I made a mistake in making this message be about, moi. It's not. Well, I mean, it is but it isn't. Does that make sense?

This idea of God choosing what the world views as "unlikely" isn't just for me. I mean, God has spoken to me about it, and refined me in the process...ouch!

But I think there may be just one other person out there who can relate to all this. Maybe just one?

As I read more and more stories in the bible of those that God picked to do big things for him, they were more "common" than you would think.

Without digging through my notes, just off the top of my head I can think of several.

Mary and Joseph!

Martha and Mary!

Jonah! HELLO!!! =)

And who could ever forget Job!

When I knew what I knew about God calling me to do His work, I started listening to women like Beth Moore, Lysa Terkerust, Ruth Graham and yes, even Joyce Meyer in a different way.

I wanted to hear what it was in their voice, in their tones that was able to effect so many people the way it did.

But what I found was the more intently I listened, the more God showed me what it was.

Simply a heart that was willing to take off the mask. Gifted? Yes. BUT, Willing? Even more!

And I really doubt, that one day these women just woke up and said, "Today I think I should become a women's speaker and write a book." I mean, maybe they did, but I don't know!

Now, we would probably look at each of these women today and define them as "likely". They would be the ones to effect hundreds if not thousands of lives in one sitting.

They would be a great candidate! Would they not?

But what about simple girls like you and I?

Where do we fit in with all of this?

What if we don't want to be "common"?

What if we want to be the girl that God looks at and says, "Yes......her!"

What if we want to be the "ordinary" that God uses "extraordinarily"!

What kind of girl would that look like? To capture God's heart that way?

Hmmm........I think it would look just like it does:

*Mommas in the bible when the house is still and dark.
*Wives taking care of their husbands and respecting them the way that God shows us.
*Gentle answers.
*Forgiving hearts.
*Obedience in all areas
*Hearts that say, "yes".
*Cleaning, cooking, working and the way that God would have it if He was right in front of our faces. No matter who is "coming for dinner".
*Loving other sisters who too feel "called". Not being jealous or feel the need to "out do".
*Taking the time to encourage, uplift and share the generous grace of God.
*Being honest and taking that others may not respect our honesty with a grain of salt.
*Did I mention Obedience????
*Not having to be the center of attention
*Realizing that others around me all have "issues", "concerns" and need a heart to hear.
*Obedience =)

Now.......the beauty in all this is, God's grace covers a multitude of things!! We will never ever be the perfect Proverbs 31, Titus 2 woman! We are always going to have our "stuff".

I so badly wish I could put a perfect check mark to each of those items on that list! But oh my friend.......not so much at all.

The task that God has for you is one that only you can do. Only you can accomplish what it is that He has purposed, defined and set you apart for! But only through His grace, His leading and His power will we ever be able to do whatever it is that God has set before us!

But we have to at least try:

Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do all things through him who gives me strength."

I would dare to add to that.......who gives me GRACE, Freedom, Assurance and Forgiveness every time I mess up!

Can I tell you how many doors I have knocked on only to be handed a "no". But we have to be careful to keep pressing on with what "We know what We know", because HE will give us what we need!! Him. Him. Him.

I see it all the time, my own life too. We want to run in the same direction as our friends. Because everything is more fun with friends, right? Maybe, maybe not.

Have you ever thought that you pulling someone in your direction may be causing them to walk in disobedience?

I realized this very concept in my own life this past year.

It's hard to not ask people to help us out when we are doing something and need help. But I've learned that it's better to ask God to send the right person that it is to specifically ask them. Let God do the calling. Let God do the leading. Let God do HIS THING.


Because God may just have the most "unlikely" person in your mind to do His work. It may be someone you've never thought of. Someone you wouldn't normally even turn your head towards to, just being honest.

Ok, I've been a typing away and I can't stop! But my house awaits cleaning! I have so much more to say and there is still a part 3 and part 4 to this! There's a whole nother side to this "unlikely".......the ones that didn't ask or want to be chosen.

So I will stop this post and begin the next part! I'll have it up by Monday.

And look for my giveaway on Monday! You won't want to miss it! It's super cute!

Comment's please! Let me know what your thinking about all of this!


On Purpose said...

The fact that I know we live miles apart and have never met in person is what is really moving this post so deep into my heart...because I know God had you write it to speak very LOUDLY to my heart today. I have been struggling...yikes I typed out those words...with the "unlikely" issue these past few weeks.
Bless you Nicki for these words they have changed my heart and put my eyes on Him who has told me I am not able to do it, because He is!

Sharon Brumfield said...

A vision began to develop in my heart and mind years ago. And when compared to others...unlikely is just what my mind came up with.
But as time has passed God has asked me if "all" He asked me to do was touch one life....would that be to little in my eyes. Would I be faithful and obedient for just one.
I guess it is the idea of being faithful in the then if He sees fit He can move us into larger territory.
So day at a time.
I will look to Him and say, Yes,even just for one.
I do think this is something that all women who have a heart for God will really be able to identify with.
We all want Him to see us. He does. One day at a time.

Amy E. said...

Okay, I'm just dying to know.....are you giving away a "rub a dub dub" plaque?? You could do several of those giveaways, couldn't you?? ;)

Joyful said...

I love the list of things that capture God's heart. I love the idea of even capturing God's heart. Is there anything in my life that would cause God's eyes to look my way and smile?

Beautiful post Nicki,

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Well here's what I have gone deep, deep into the soul of women in these posts!

Something that stuck out and made me sit up and take notice was this comment you made...."We want to run in the same direction as our friends." I thought how very true this is! In my life when I hear of a lot of women....even on the blogging community....that are doing a certain Bible study, going to a certain event, etc., etc., then I start looking at my life and thinking....I must be missing something somewhere because I don't have the opportunity to be in a Bible study group and I don't have a big "event" to attend.

But really...when we are where God wants us to be, He will give us what we need! It can just be me and Him. No teacher. No students. No "event". Just me and my Bible. What more could I ask for? But you are so many times I want to just follow the crowd. Thanks for opening my eyes to one of my bad habits!

How's Hope feeling by the way?

God bless!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Girl you have such a precious heart for Him. In His perfect timing all things take place. You are a true blessing.
Much love,

My Army Brats and Me said...

Thanks for your friendship. Day 1 not so bad. Just taking it slow today. Pray that the chemo works for me.

Love Cindy
5 more treatments to go

Kay Martin said...

Worthy ministry: all works ordained and led by Holy Spirit. I honestly believe the Kay Arthurs and Joyce Meyers, etc. will agree that all works are critical if the main thing is the main thing: God initiated.

Super stars in the Christian conference/tv circuit is an issue I recall T.W. Hunt, author/church leader in the Southern Baptist leadership internationally, warning a group of leaders in a retreat twenty years ago.

I never forgot his concern that Jesus Christ remain the center of everything we do. Writing, speaking and leadership are important. But serving in any way by leading of God is the main thing.

Many "little" people hidden in the back side of nowhere seem to be cropping up in house small groups and God seems to be powerfully moving all over the nation and the world in a new grassroots way.

You're already "there." You lead a Bible study group; you write a blog many of us anticipate reading and you have three precious girls and a husband depending on your godly virtures. You made "it!!!"

Ministry in the Kingdom of God is in this Now. There are no greater people than those we have the privilege to minister to now!!!

An old woman looks back at wasted moments of not appreciating the journey....Kay