Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Unlikely Candidate part 1

I have to say that this phrase has been a long time brewing in my soul. In fact, since the She Speaks conference this summer, God has really been developing this message in my heart.

The Unlikely Candidate.

After watching Sarah Palin's speech the other night, I felt inspired, to start speaking/writing and sharing of this message God has laid on my heart.

Why inspiration from her? Hmmm......possibly because she is "The Unlikely Candidate" who is blowing people away! Maybe it's because she started off as they said as "A Hockey Mom". She is a woman who has come a long ways in her life! She is a woman who has started off as ordinary and become extraordinary! Whether you like her or not, you have to give the girl credit!

What I will do with this message? I don't know. But, I've got to do something with it! So blogging is always a good place to start. Lucky you. =)

When I was studying the life of Moses a few months ago, God really started to show me exactly how inadequate he, Moses was. I mean, there were so many other people that God could have chosen for such a task as leading God's people across the dead sea or being the vessel for the 10 commandments or to build the tabernacle!

I mean, surely, SURELY, there was someone else out there who didn't have to have an interpreter because his speech was so bad, didn't need to be kicked in the behind at least twice a day from doubts and SURELY there was someone who felt that God had "chosen" them.

And I do mean SURELY.

But it's not what God had planned. AT ALL.

And Moses was the plan. He did need Aaron to interpret for him. He did question God 1000 times about what he was doing and no, he did not feel that God had picked him for these first.

I'll never forget the night I knew God was calling me to write, speak, teach bible studies or whatever it is I'm doing for Him. (Oh would someone "define this"??)

It was four years ago. I was driving down the road and I just started talking out loud to God and it was like suddenly something came over me. I knew what I knew that night. God was speaking through my thoughts and words and I wanted to stop every car on the road and tell them what God was saying!

I would lay awake for hours at night "speaking" in my head. I know.....sounds a wee bit looney. Doesn't it?? Thought after thought would come and I just never knew what to do with it!

But here I am four years later and it's "just" getting rolling. And by "rolling" I do mean barely rolling.

Throw three kids in the mix of anything and it's a slow rolling process!

But here was I.

At the time a stay at home mom of 2 girls. A rough marriage. Bills galore. A past that haunted me. Medical issues in my oldest and my husband. And a depression that seemed impossible to pull out of. Leaders of a church who would still frown on me from the mistakes I made as a 19 year old girl. MOST DEFINETLEY "UNLIKELY"!!!

And suddenly I'm feeling "God's touch"? I'm feeling "God call"? In this same church?

Who was I?

No one. Still not, but roll with me on this! =)

And God said, just start.

So I did. It took awhile, I fought with it, wrestled with it and even ignored it. But I found myself miserable. Why? Because I was in disobedience because of FEAR.

I felt exactly like Moses did. WHO WAS I TO BE DOING THIS BUSINESS????

As I began to write that very first bible study on the floor of my living room what seems oh so long ago, but was really only two 1/2 years ago, I began to feel God's touch and I began to see what Moses saw as he pressed on with his obedience.

Confidence in Christ.

Only that will ever allow you or myself to fulfill what God purposes us to do. Only that.

Average, Normal or Simple........these are not words that God has for our lives!!! God wants to use you and I.....everyday people in big ways!

No, we may not all get books and bible studies published or speak to thousands or ever even run for VP! BUT, I can't wait to show you how over the next few days, how God has been showing me it's all around us! It's right there! Already happening!


"Your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the POWER of God." -1 Corinthians 2:5

ps-Although this post was pre-written, the date never hit me.......We will always remember those who were truly the unexpected hero's of our country!!


Kay Martin said...

Being blessed to hear you speak I must differ with you on "unlikely candidate." You are a gift to the Kingdom of God and we who can hear and read your thoughts are the fortunate ones.

My personal qualification for speakers and authors: limps or scars. No one can get my attention on spiritual issues unless I see what they have survived and overcome. We are Christians because we have been redeemed and saved through Jesus Christ. The limp and the scars are the evidence of the issues that needed redemption and salvation.

We all have the "issues:" that could logically disqualify us. The only difference is in the transparency of the speaker/writer. If all looks perfect and always has been...void of limps and scars...that just reveals the coverup and the lack of openness.

You are a most likely candidate in my book!!!

Sharon Brumfield said...

Yes, I understand this post. The last couple of days I have been thinking back over my life. The changes that have taken is kind of like 9/ is almost surreal. I look back on times and ask God if the events were for nothing or if one day something will happen and I will know it had a purpose.
Just yesterday I was thinking that now I would be able to identify a little more with single parents. Just the little fears that can pop to the surface when you know if something happens to you...what about your child. But I know He is there....and through it all He is working to build in me what needs to be.
SO yes, unlikely candidate...that is me. But, what a chance for Him to create in me the vessel He needs to reach the ones He loves.
I have felt a little stuck lately wondering what He is up to. But He is reminding me that I need to enjoy the day...and not live in the future. He is creating a good thing..He is not finished yet.
Look forward to hearing the rest of this story. ;)

Faith said...

Love that last scripture. God is using you in big ways!

Joyful said...

I can't wait to read the rest of your story!!!!!

"Unlikely" Joy

amy b said...

The day Brian was ordained, I was eight months pregnant. Introverted and stage shy, I felt and looked as big as a barn. I remember sitting on the front row thinking, "Okay self, you're going up on that stage whether you like it or not and standing with your husband while every single minister comes up and leans into you and your husband to pray. Oh Lord, there are a whole lotta pastors and I've got to stand there, on the stage, while the entire sanctuary is as quiet as a mouse while You do Your thing." Then, I heard God speak. He said, "They are not looking at you, they are looking at what glorifies Me and today, I'm honoring you and your husband's lifelong committment to my work."

Heavy wouldn't you say? From that moment on, I realized that it's not about even how humble and willing I am to go and do and say whatever on His behalf. It is all, every single thing from creation to eternity, about Jesus. He is the star and we are just playing a supporting role.

After you read this, will you please get up and go look into the mirror and tell Jesus I said hi.

Love you...

On Purpose said...

I am anticipating hearing God speak to my heart via His beautiful daughter who was fearfully and wonderfully made in His are VERY likely His candidate...He predestined your bring a smile to His face that lights up all of heaven, you sweet and precious girl!

Love and prayers to you!

Valarie said...

Girl, I know your passion is for women, but oh the impact you could have on some YOUNG women in our church!!! hint-hint! ;-)
Would love to have you join me in the basement!! ;-)
Love ya.

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

You are the most likely that is completely dependent and completely surrendered. I look forward to hearing more!