Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Dangerous Woman

It's late. I'm tired and I really should go and shut my eyes and go to sleep!

But my mind is spinning. It's always this way after bible study.

Did they enjoy it? Did anyone get anything out of it? Did I mess up to bad? Was anything I said effective? Was God pleased with my words???

These are always the questions that flow through my mind after a bible study night.

You know, a girl could drive her self crazy!

Tonight I discovered something about myself:

I want to be dangerous.

And no, I don't mean like jumping off cliff's or driving a race car dangerous.

I want to be dangerous for God! In a good way.

When life throws us a curve, friends do us wrong, things don't turn out the way that it was planned.......I want to still have my hands lifted towards the sky.

I want to have my hands lifted high and say to my God, "Lord, not with me! I don't want to run the same direction!"

To be different! Set apart! Running like the wind!

But am I?

Do I still fall short?

Yes. Oh Yes.

I thank God that His mercies are new every single day. I thank God that His arms are open every single day. I thank God that I can run into His arms and fall in love with Him again and again, day after day.

I'm not perfect.

Thank the Lord, I'm not perfect.

I want to be dangerously effective for God! I want to be dangerously obedient to God! I want to be dangerously in love with my God!

A ray of hope in Christ each day.
Mercies anew in every which way.

Dawn will come and the sun will rise.
I will be lifting my hands up towards the sky.

Trusting that only He will do.
Knowing that in Him all is made new.

When the noise and clutter fade,
The stillness sets in and begins to shade.

Being careful to not allow the darkness to overcome,
All that has been given through God's precious Son.

A Dangerous Woman is where I'll be
Leaning on the edge with grace and strength holding me.

I love you Lord.



On Purpose said...

God loves you Nicki! Don't doubt that truth for one second!!

I feel so blessed to read your blog and I am always uplifted and encouraged...thank you!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

"I want to be dangerously effective for God! I want to be dangerously obedient to God! I want to be dangerously in love with my God!"

Me too!

What an encouraging post...I loved it.

Sharon Brumfield said...

And I loved your poem!
To me when those things flow out of us...God is really close by. It is His creativity flowing through our fingers.
I told you once..long ago...that God sees you. He does. And it did not matter if you got up in front of the room last night and said 25 uh's...He can still get His point across to a heart that is open and yielding.
It is never about how great we is about the greatness in us shinning through. And it is shinning is.
In our weakness He is strong. When we have nothing to give...if we did it would just get in His way...He can give His all. The anointing flows when there is nothing to stop it up. Most times I don't think we feel it. There have been times when I got something while teaching and it seemed no one else did...but aren't we to stay teachable. And if one is taught..even just us...Did God not move?
I guess it is better you wonder if it went well than thinking you did everything perfectly. Understand?
He is sufficient! Keep walking!

The Ballinger Family said...

Good post...I have those thoughts a lot too. I think Satan puts that doubt in our minds to get us to back get us to question ourselves and the Lord's will for our lives. I am so there....enjoyed your post....

Wendy said...

Oh how I want to be dangerous, obedient, on fire...all God, all the time!! And oh how thankful I am that He does not keep track of my failures or missed attempts at this!!

You are so encouraging girl, keep writing, keep running...keep looking up. You are more dangerous than you know!!