Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mommy Madness

This has been my day summed up in one word:


I type this as a certain little screaming child wipes her snotty tears on my elbow. I'm really not trying to push her away......at all. She desperately needs a Popsicle.

Popsicles hush all children. Didn't you know?

You know, every once in awhile I like to take an inventory of motherhood. Especially on days like this.

I have these three little people who follow me around ALL day long and I need to be looking in the mirror sometimes, because they are certainly mirroring ME.

At any moment of the day, one can see one of these mirrors standing in front of baby dolls, teaching their bible studies.

Check Plus! That's a good one.

Or at another moment of any given day, one can see one of these mirrors softly telling each other they love them or do they need anything?

Check! That's a really good one.


I'm thinking it's just not a good thing, when the two year old mirror stands on top of the playground set shouting on the top of her lungs to the other children, "Be Quiet! You maka my ed tin!" (Translation: Your making my head spin)

Oh yes, she did.

Check MINUS.

And the momma who ever so gently told me that my child was RUDE. The dirty look I gave her was definitely another...

Check MINUS.

Or when you are at a stoplight and a certain five year old mirror screams at the car in front of you, "Hurry it up guy!".

Double check minus.

But there's nothing like the seven year old mirror shouting in your ear while you are on the phone trying to decline an invitation politely, "No, we don't have anything going on!!!"

Triple check minus.

But motherhood is just awesome!

Who doesn't love to pull out a laundry basket filled with PLAY DOUGH?


Markers left open stuck between cushions on the couches?


Find Sippy cups buried in toys, filled with milk that's...five days old?


The Little People Village dancing in her shower?


Syrup on the walls....

Way awesome.


These are the days....or so I'm told.

Thank goodness there really isn't an inventory or even worse, an audit!!


nanatrish said...

It sounds like you are having a challenging summer. This was a neat post. I remember my daughter receiving a large (about 4 feet long) stuffed doll. She immediately named her "Trish", I was so proud. I thought that was sweet until she would jerk her out of the chair or yell at her,"Trish, you better be a good girl or else!" You really don't have to have advanced degrees to realize what was going on. Your girls look so cute in the banner picture. I love your new look!

MiMi said...

Children definitely are a mirror to our own souls.

They resemble us physically, but they are also "reflections" of us in so many other ways. Some of those ways are wonderful and admirable, and then some of the ways are...well...shall we say, not quite so desirable.

Thank the Lord that your little "mirrors" have a godly Mom to emulate!

MiMi said...

Oh and by the way..."these are the days".

Cherish them.

Kim said...

Ahhh, I remember the days of finding a sippy cup filled with five day old milk...those were the ones I would throw away - it wasn't worth gagging to clean them. Hang in there...those mirrors are picking up all of the great stuff too!

ValleyGirl said...

Oh, you're so right! I think a regular motherhood inventory is a good idea. Because really, there will be an audit someday when God asks us what we did with what we were given.

A fun read, Nicki ~ and at the same time, quite thought-provoking.

freetofly said...

Well said! Funny, heart rending and thought provoking!

Have you heard Trace Adkins song "Your Gonna Miss This"? Good stuff too! video's good stuff too!


Michelle said...

Finding the sippy cup filled with 5 day old milk is the BEST! LOL
I am glad I am not the only one feeling this way lately. Not glad for the madness in your life right now though!

Sarah Martin said...

What great writing-I love the way your thoughts flow. Just to make you feel better, at least you don't have a screaming infant who won't go down for a nap! I guess all stages of mommyhood are challenging. Your girls are precious-I love it when you write funny things about them!


Susanne said...

Hi there! Just wanted to pop in and say "hey" and tell you how much I'm enjoying your blog. I found you through ValleyGirl as well as my Mom (TechnoNana).

And I am SO feelin' ya on this post. As a mom of three (8,6,4) I can relate!! I can also relate to the "mirror" part... My oldest has best been described as "mini-me"!! ;-)

But we should cherish these days... as hectic and frantic as they may be...

They grow up SO FAST!

My Army Brats and Me said...

Summer time.....I like to sit back and watch them together. You never know how it is going to go. One minute they love each other the next...well it can get interesting!
Two grounded and one free:) First time this summer. Better go

Sharon Brumfield said...

Girl I so remember this time of life. God knew just what I could handle...or maybe I should say, what my kids could handle...and so He gave them to me 8 years apart. ;)
I did a childrens church one time in front of the church on how what we saw in our children was just a mirror of ourselves...they didn't like it too much. But it is the truth.
Praying for you...and your mirrors. ;)