Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Just another day at the beach

Y'all...those comments from the last post had me cracking up!! TOO much!! I loved everyone of them!! If you missed reading them, you'll want to go back and read them! It will most definitely make you smile.

Today I'm writing to you while sitting on the beach, with paper to type up later and, I'm alone.

I know! Can you believe it?? Alone!

But don't get to excited for me. My man is headed to play golf in a few hours for the whole day so that is the ONLY reason I have been blessed with one whole hour, alone.

One of the things I enjoy doing the most at the beach, besides getting a tan, is to people watch. And since you are joining me on this beach trip, you get to people watch too.

And for the record, people watching is NOT judging. It's observing.

Deep down here in the south, at the beach, in the summer...there are just all kinds.


I am unwillingly listening to some floppy hat woman's radio, blasting out a country song about "A little bit of this and a little bit of that". Since for the past 7 years my radio has been tuned to Veggie Tales, Barney sing along or now Hannah Montana, I have no clue who is singing this song. Who sings that?

You know those planes that fly back and forth over the beach saying things like, "BEACH TOWELS .99 ONLY TODAY!!!"?

I'm wondering at the moment, how much it costs to fly one of those guys.

Because, if I were to fly a banner over this beach, at this moment, it would say this,

"Ladies! Bikinis are NOT a one size fits all deal!!!"

Oh My Word! Just an observation.

And then there's the lifeguard. Yes, let's "observe" him for a moment.

For some reason "yellow" is the new red for the guards down here.

Personally, I think they look like ducks. And I don't consider ducks good life-saving material. But, that's just me. My observation.

But, they love to blow those whistles! Don't even look at this life-guard the wrong way, because he will be whistling in your face.

And I'm totally cracking up, because there is a guy who has passed the "limit", I mean the zone. And the life-guard is fiercely blowing his whistle at him. The guy is looking in every which way direction going, "Huh? Me?"

For like five minutes!

And lastly, there is the overprotective momma. Who is wildly shouting in my ear in her utmost southern twang, "Colten! Git back here son! You need sunscreen. And pull em britches up!"

Oh yes, just another day at the beach.

And I'm so sure that on all these people's blogs sitting around me it will say: "And there was some weird girl looking at everyone, writing everything down." =)

Deeper, more intellectual thoughts to come later...


On Purpose said...

I am so glad I am at the beach with you this week! Living vicariously...is a real art for me...HA!

Oh and thank you, thank you, thank you for setting the record straight about people watching...we must be from the same "batch"

Love you girl!

Pat said...

The very BEST thing to do at the beach is people watch!

The "itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie, yellow polka dot bikini" comes to my mind as you describe the undersized bikini.
Are you way to young to know that song??

Don't you just LOVE dark sunglasses when it comes to beach watching!!

Technonana said...

Nicki... I'm right there with you on the bikini thing!!! You just want to say,"I can't believe yo mama let you out the house looking like that!"
Oh, and the lady in the big hat, that's me, but, I ain't listen to country music, cause, I LOVE beach music. As my girls would say.."you just too much girl!"
Love you, though!!

Wendy said...

Okay, first of all, if we're at the beach...dig your toes in the sand while standing in the waves. I love the feeling of sand between my toes and since I'm living vicariously.... :)

Second, you couldn't have been Jordan's love because I was!! And you do know they are on a reunion tour this year? Ha, how funny is that!!

Alisun said...

I agree with the bikini comment too. You would love to walk up and say to someone um do you own a mirror? Because if you do you might want to look into it and not be showing off all that God gave to you. Modesty ladies Please have some. Just and observation.
Yes the whistle blowing is a bit much in Ludington they are a bit to whistle happy too.

JenB said...

Oh girl. Sounds like my trip! Next thing you know you'll be live blogging from karaoke night! Have SOOO much fun. And git you some sunscreen awn!!

Irritable Mother said...

How fun it is to go to the beach with you. I am laughing as I visualize and "hear" overprotective momma. But the women in the bikinis? I'll leave that one alone. Ha!
Thanks for sharing the sights with us. *grin*

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Nicki, thank you for bringing me to the beach. I didn't get to actually go on the beach when I was there last month. You know the deal. I'm sick of whining about it. Anyway, your writing is so funny today. I'm glad you got to relax by yourself. We love the girlies, but mama needs some time alone too. I'll bet you are having so much fun. I'm like TechnoNana we will be having the big hats and shades. Don't worry about us and the bikinis though :0)

Lelia Chealey said...

How fun! I love people watching. I had to do it for a writing class. I sat in the cafe at Barnes & Noble on a Sat. morning and it was such a blast. What I thought was going to be a time wasting assignment turned out to be one of my best papers. :)
Have fun tanning!

Pastor Lisa said...

Nicki, when hubby and I went to Cancun for our 10th wedding anniversary...girl I was amazed by what I saw on the beach. These women AND men could have cared less about having some meat on their bones and their tiny bathing suits. All I kept saying to myself was "Oh no they didn't!" I'm a big girl and I'm not about to let you know how big by putting on a skimpy bathing suit!

And that's my observation. ;0)

ValleyGirl said...

So it's a busy beach then, huh? Sounds like there's no shortage of blog fodder there! Hope you enjoyed and savoured and cherished your hour alone, even while writing feverishly!!

Kay Martin said...

Yes, people watching can be fascinating. I often look for a person who seems content or happy. You probably could see more at the beach than you see in regular living. Sounds like all of you got some fun in your beach stay. I loved it that you had an HOUR and Daddy got a day. OH, well, an hour can be amazing to refuel an active mom.