Wednesday, July 23, 2008

2nd post today! Exciting news!!

Guess who's Handy Dandy Electrician Husband is going to be working on this show next week???!!!!
Yes! My man!

He was selected to be one of the electricians for the show! ABC's Extreme Home Makeover is coming to Charlotte next week! We think we know who the family is, BUT, the show hasn't revealed it yet! Countdown is four days until the whole thing begins!

Kris is so excited! This is like the opportunity of a life-time for anyone in the construction business. And not because it's on TV, but because it's amazing to put together an entire house in 7 days and help someone out in this way! I'm so excited for him! Can't wait to tell you more as it happens!


Sharon Brumfield said...

How cool!
I wonder if they will let ya'll give out info about it or if there will be some kind of secrecy thing they will have to sign.
I am glad that your hubby is going to get this chance.
Check in with you again soon.

Monica said...

Talk about new looks...your is so cute! I love it! Dwayne had told me about the show coming & how Habitat is trying to get in with the show or something so they can take the windows and spare parts of the house to use for theri's so cool though. I am so glad your husband gets to be a part of something awesome!

My Army Brats and Me said...

omg-I know someone else who is going to be on too!!!!!!!!!!!

Have fun

Faith said...

Oh how neat!! What an awesome opportunity for Kris. I'm so glad he gets to participate!!

MiMi said...

How exciting! I am thankful that Kris is getting this opportunity!

On Purpose said...

How totally awesome is this! Pass on the congrats. And please let me know when this will air. I love watching this always has me in tears.

Amy L Brooke said...

Very cool! So will it air this week or will it be taped and air later?

Hope you are having a great day!


freetofly said...

Yowzie! How awesome I love this show! And of course he WILL be so blessed! Let's all be praying for the Spirit of God to bring unity, love and wisdom and knowledge forth in His people as they do this work.! You KNOW lots of good Christians like your husband are working shoulder to shoudler with people with big hearts, that are LOST! So its a great opportunity!


ValleyGirl said...

VERY cool!!! Will you let us know when it airs? I think that's such an awesome show!!

Valarie said...

Girl I'm so excited!!! Jimmy and I signed up to volunteer as well!! I hope I get assigned to help Ty!!! hahahahahaha Just kiddin'!! I'll be happy to do anything. Love what this show does for people and would LOVE for them to come do us!!! ;-)

Still in WV - be back next week.
Love ya.

LeAnne said...

WOW!! Congratulations! It sounds wonderful!

JenB said...

Oh my word! How cool!! Faith and i were just talking about the show yesterday! So neat!

Alisun said...

Wow!! How awesome to touch a family in such a blessed way, way to cool for words can't wait to see the episode later.

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Wow! How fun. What a great opportunity.