Thursday, June 26, 2008

X's and Checks

Coming Home from She Speaks was a journey in itself. It's very hard to transition from this amazing mountain top experience, to back to "motherhood". I was ready to go out into the world and save souls! Empower other women! Get going for Him!


The laundry was waiting patiently on me. I know it said, "Hey momma." as I looked at it overflowing from the corner of the room. Yes, I know you too have heard that voice too. Sounds a little like Oscar, from Sesame Street!

Toys were chuckling at me as I stepped over them. Literally one of them said, "VVVRRRRmmmmm, Let's make this house squeaky clean!" (Obviously, Kennedy's vacuum)

Meals awaited cooking and planning. The noodles cried out from the cabinet, "Cook me! Cook me! Cook me!"

And then, there were the fights. The cries. The groans. The complaints. The, "But SHE looked at me!" and "THAT'S M-I-N-E!"

Then there was the mommy guilt factor, letting these girly's slide on just about everything. "That's ok honey, Jesus loves you so much!" (Kiss, Kiss)

But after awhile, suddenly, something came over me. I don't know what happened. Some kind of "possession" for sure! I had enough! The mountain top was finished! And mean mommy came out!

"GIRLS!!!" I cried out to them on the top of my lungs.

Then I suddenly realized I had nothing, and I mean nothing to back up this statement. They quickly swung their little heads wondering where their nice, spirit filled mommy went to. She had disappeared very quickly!

They all three raised their eyebrows at exactly the same time like, "Ya, where are you going with that?"

After a moment of awkward silence, I sat them down. Looked at their big blue eyes that were going, "This ain't my momma, she's just gonna tell us that Jesus loves us. (Kiss, Kiss)". I knew for sure Taylor's were going to roll outta her head.

I began to ask the Lord for a system! A system that brought forth order, respect and kind sweet little girls! And so I got out three pieces of paper. Because, we get real fancy around here with discipline. No-No spoon's and paper.

And so began the check's and x's system of this household. I wanted my girl's to know that every day they have choices. A good choice and a bad choice. Every time they choose to fight, say ugly things or throw balls at my head...that is a bad choice. "X "

Every time they choose to give up for one another, share and give hugs...that's a good choice. "Checks!"

We talked through this system and the girl's were ready to go! Even the Kennyboo was saying, "I want a check!" And for the next few hours, my household became all that a woman dreams of! Quiet, Sweet, Loving and Precious little girly's who just loved Jesus (Kiss, Kiss). (Que la la music)

For a few hours.

Then something happened.

Surely another "possession" of some type! The Kennyboo was...(gasp) MOCKING me! She was prancing around the house, with a caprisun straw, putting X's on EVERYTHING. Like, the refrigerator was suddenly a "ba girl". And the door was a "ba girl". Her shoes, her blocks, you name it...they got an X!

And then I saw what every mother fears. Abusing the baby doll! This is where it starts right? Go ahead and just book me with Dr.Phil now.

She threw her doll into the corner and screamed, "Ba Girl, you get X!" And proceeded to walk her sassy hiney over to the charts and draw an "X", with the caprisun straw!

Clearly, my system has failed.

Aren't you glad that the Lord isn't keeping a tally of x's and check's for us? I am. But if you think of it, we all really do have choices each day. No, no one is keeping tabs, but we do have the choice to be kind to the grocery clerk. Or to not cut off the person driving in front of us. To answer just "one more question" sweetly. To be totally honest about things. To live the life you speak of to others at home.

Each day, we have a choice.

"For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you." -Luke 6:38


Stephanie D. said...

That is so funny, Lexi bug does the same thing, she will put her baby in the time out chair. Then she will say "you be goo gull"? (good girl)
But you are so right.

Wendy said...

So true. We have a choice and I KNOW that there are days when one more question or screech will just put me over the edge. Oh that I could just remember I want checks and not x's!! :)

By the way, my daughter took ALL of her little people and some of the animals and lined them up in time out yesterday. "Explaining" to them that big girls don't behave that way then she proceded to kick them across the room. Does Dr. Phil have a couch big enough for me, her and all our little people?

Irritable Mother said...

Oh, Nicki, please forgive me for laughing - but you painted such a great picture! I thought your system of Xs and checks was a wonderful idea and then I could totally imagine your sweet little girly mocking you. Not so funny when you're the mom, but hilarious when you're an innocent bystander! *grin*

And I totally understand the re-entry troubles. That's one of the reasons I'm glad my kids went through "Mom's Off Duty" boot-camp this week. Next time I go away, I KNOW they can do the laundry and up-keep for me. *really big grin*

Kay Martin said...

Showing your girls that there are rewards for being obedient to what they know is right is wonderful. You are doing so many things that will empower your daughters to live thriving lives. Being in your speaker group I know you will have many invitations to speak. I also know your heart for your call as mother and wife and you will beautifully know your balance in scheduling your time. For your young age you have amazing grace and wisdom.

Monica said...

Nicki, I am so glad you had a great time at the conference. Thanks for that extra push today to get me to update my blog. Go and check it out!

Jenny said...

That brings back so many memories!!! It gets better but then you have different issues. Like I'm sitting in the living room with Meghan, Katie, Lauren, Morgan (my neice) and Cameron (Meg's boyfriend). But truly I wish I was taking a nap!


Amy L Brooke said...

Oh, my. Kennedy sound hilarious.

I just posted about mountain tops. I promise I didn't read yours first!

She Speaks was a mountain top wasn't it? It's hard to come back, but it will always be a sweet memory.

Remembering always helps!

Sharon Brumfield said...

I am so sorry but I just had to laugh...I so remember these days. Then these days will end and their little voice will go inward. But you have least until the preteen years. ;)
So the testing has begun.
I got back from the Beth trip and the testing began too.
Things all lovey dovey and then BAM!
And then I had to see just where I was going to let my mind go.
Lets just say that it was like pulling back on the rein of a wild stallion gone mad.But maybe--just maybe I kept him in the corral instead of running wild across the country side.
I kind of think while Paul was writing his letters he must have gotten all pumped and forgot about life around him. And then he would sign Grace and Peace be unto you-Paul.......and then as his heart was soaring his eyes would land on the chains around his ankles. Maybe He allows our hearts and minds to experience what the soaring will be like while He is still in the process of training our feet to go there? Hmmm...that was a God thought.