Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm at the beach but you came too!


Did you know that you were going to the beach this week?

Mom invited y'all along too! Wasn't that nice of her?

She thankfully brought her trusty lap top and we have some good WiFi connection here in our room.

So, 6 hours, 3 girly's, one messy mini van, insane amounts of candy consumed, Finding Nemo watched twice, Three spankings, Three potty breaks, One stop at Bojangles for some fried chicken and we were here!

My goodness, it has never taken us so long and never have we lost so much sanity in one car ride.

Normally it only takes about 3.5 hours to get here but apparently everyone else in this little thing called our WORLD, decided to come too this weekend. So 6 hours it was!

The weather has been great so far and everyone is getting along! SO FAR.

So, the highlight of the day yesterday was...

As we were all laying on the beach just enjoying the sun, Hopie, who is 5, came running out of the water exasperated!

She shouted from the shore line, "DADDY (gasping). I need to go (gasping) potty. NOW. AND I'm NOT, and I Repeat, NOT, Peeing in the ocean!"

I quickly pretended like I was fast asleep while burying my head in the sand praying that no one heard her say that! But I heard a few chuckles a little to close for comfort.

All I'm thinking was, Thank the GOOD LORD she said, "Daddy". Because of course I would NEVER tell my child to pee in the ocean!


Well, maybe once.

So, this brought up a thought in my head while laying there. Knowing that this was indeed blog worthy material!

I want to know what your child or you as a child or what you heard another child say that made other's quickly turn their heads! Start those comments coming! I know there's some funny stories out there!!

Come on! Don't be shy!! =)


Pastor Lisa said...

We were in the grocery store and Lindsey had to have been about two. We were checking out and a women who was burn victim - severe scarring to her face was ahead of us. I knew Lindsey was going to say something and sure as day she yells out...Mommy that lady is ugly. I was mortified.

Wendy said...

I was in the department bathroom a while back with Isabel (she's 2.5 and VERY verbal --which is sometimes not a blessing!). As I was taking care of my business she says in that oh so quite two-year-old voice of discovery "I heard a noise mommy. Did that come from you? That was very icky!!" Well, thankfully I was locked in the stall, but I could hear the snickers echo through the bathroom and the shy smiles when we came out to wash our hands.

But that's not the kicker. You'll love this. Last week I dropped Isabel off at VBS and as we were standing there the lady in front of us was telling her daughter how she needed to take a bath because good girls like to go out in public clean. Well, Isabel lets everyone in the hallway know "Mommy didn't shower this morning. She put odorant on so she would be stinky!" Mommy 12 shades of red hopes they know it was deodorant and I was hoping to shower WHILE she was there. Argh.

Humble...that's what they keep us, huh?

Van said...

Hope you are having a great day at the beach. Sounds like a great place to be with three little girls. This is the time of year when, if you are near water, you are in a GOOD place! Enjoy!

Sarah Martin said...

niki, all of your cute stories lighten my heart when i feel like there is no end to cranky newborn cries. your precious girly stories remind me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Valarie said...

Oh girl. I could load you up on stories. Kayley having 2 big brothers often works to her disadvantage because they think things like bodily gases are just hysterical. When she was 2 or 3 every single burp or "toot" had to be announced! So, we're in church - yes I said church - and Kayley leans over in her best "whisper" and says "Momma I toot. Can you smell it?" Everyone around me started DYING! Yeah, it was special.

Have a great week and yes I'm JEALOUS!!

LeAnne said...

Two stories come to mind. One was when I was small and the other when I was a teen.

When I was small, my parents took me to see Santa Clause and the local Roses department store. Dad told me that when I got up on Santa's lap and he asks me if I'd been a good girl, to tell him "As good as a 7 yr old could be!"

I did. Santa was speechless.

When I was a teen and just started high school, I remember Dad purposely goofing up his pronunciations of certain words. For example: chocolate. He said froclate. Instead of Mercedes with the emphasis on the "ce", he'd say Mercedes with the emphasis on the "Mer" and it came out MER-su-dees.

I was reading a paragraph in highschool and pronounced it the wrong way. I got a few looks!!

Alisun said...

My son Forest and I were at the grocery store when he was about 4 and the lady bagging the groceries said my you have a lot of energy.
"Yes and if my mommy had half my energy she would be skinnier."
That was about 11 years ago as you all know he is still alive. God's Grace

On Purpose said...

Enjoy the beach and make lots of great memories with your sweet family!

Hugs and Love

ps I have boys...and the embarassing moments happen so often..and the words/terminology so not girly!

MelanieJoy said...

My Brother-in-law took my niece for the day so that her mom could have a Mom's Day Out. He took her to Walmart and of course she had to go to the bathroom. So when he went into the restrooms she started saying (she is not a quiet child) "Daddy it stinks in here"!! She said it so many times that he just turned around and left. Needless to say she had an accident "in the ocean"!! haha!
As I type this I kid you not my niece and nephew are in the living room saying.....(niece is 3 nephew is 4) Niece: you have on a diaper
Nephew: no I don't!
so that is repeated over and over. Finally nephew say "No I don't see". Yeap shines her the Spiderman underwear! Where oh where the heck are their Moms!!
Enjoy the vacation!!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

hey girlie - Hope you are doing well!! I have a giveaway on my blog you might want to check out!!

Love, Leigh

Kay Martin said...

You wrote this beautifully. I could smell the salt in the air and felt the sea breeze. What a precious story. My little ones are grown, but anyone that couldn't enjoy that precious concern doesn't warrant any concern. Have a wonderful vacation.

Irritable Mother said...

OK, how do you like this one?
When I was a young girl I was on a boat with my family and some friends. (It was their boat.) I announced I had to go to the bathroom and they said, "OK, we'll help."
I thought there was a potty on the boat, but, NO. One adult held my hands and the other my feet. They held me over the side of the boat was weird, but I did it!
Can't believe I just admitted that! LOL

Amy L Brooke said...

Oh, I love the beach....

No kids, but I do have a story.

So, the Monday after She Speaks I took the day off. A friend and I took her two boys to the local pool with big slides and such. She's telling them they have to wait 15 mintues before getting in so the sunscreen doesn't just wash off.

Announcement: "Everyone please exit the pool. The pool chemicals need to be readjusted due to bodily waste" (the solid kind, we watched them scoop it out.) So, they couldn't get in for 20 minutes.

We are happily talking and the boys are off at the slides and I see a guard fishing something out of the deep end (not the toddler end).

Announcement: Everyone please exit the pool while we readjust the chemicals due to bodily waste. Will ALL parents please take their children to the restroom right NOW.

I've heard that people do things in a pool but can't say as I've ever seen that or heard that announcement before -- let alone twice in 2 hours. We were safe cause her kids were in a totally different area!

MiMi said...

Our kids were not brought up believing in Santa Claus and we were in the Roses Dept. Store when Faith saw Santa Claus for the first time. Santa approached her and asked her what she wanted for Christmas and had she been a good little girl. She stepped back next to me, looked up at him and said, "Whatcha' got that crazy belt on for?" Even as a child, she was all about fashion! LOL

There was another time that we were at Tony's in Gastonia eating ice cream. Faith stood up in the seat and looked at the booth behind us where a very obese man was sitting. She turned back around to me as I was trying to get her to have a seat, and she said "He's a fat little boy, isn't he?" Her dad and I were mortified!

Faith said...

I can see that my mom told on me!! Ha!!
Chad and Emma were walking into church one morning and there was an elderly woman walking with a cane. Chad tried to distract Emma to keep her from noticing the woman, but he did not succeed and she blurted out "hey, that lady has a candy cane" Hahahaha!!!

Amy E. said...

Hey girlie,
Thanks for your comment...I'm the one who's jealous, wishing I was at the beach with you!!!!
Anywho, I have tons of funnies about my kids but none come to memory now. But here's a good one - I used to babysit a little girl named Lauren and I believe she was five or six at the time and she had gone to the bathroom to do a "Number Two." First, she wanted me to grunt with her to 'help' it come out, so we tried that to no avail. Then she said, "It just won't come out all the way. I need for you to go get a knife so I can cut it off!" I just about died!!! How creative was that for a five year old!!

ValleyGirl said...

Haha, we told our kid to pee in the lake a couple of years ago and so she dutifully went back to the water and, standing in only ankle-deep water, she pulled down her swimsuit bottom and proceeded to pee in the water! When she was done, she pulled her bottoms back up and proudly announced that she was finished.

Yeah, hubby and I just pretended she wasn't our kid. And profusely thanked the good Lord that she hadn't had to do anything else!!!!

Okay, but head-turning...

We were in a department store in the ladies section when my then 3-yr old noticed the entire wall of lacy undergarments.

"Look, mommy!" she screams excitedly. "Look at all the boobies!!!"

Enjoy the beach!!