Tuesday, May 06, 2008

"Shush your mouth!"

I'm sure that title got you!! =) Funny story about that phrase......you obviously know which one of these girly's is invovled....I'll let you guess for a moment..............Got it? Yup? Ok.

A few weeks ago we were in the car driving home from church (of all places) and as usual all three girly's were trying to speak at once. Well, the Kennyboo was FED UP with the other girl's trying to out talk her and she turned her little head towards the back seat and said to Taylor in the meanest voice I've ever heard, "Taylor! SHUSHA YOUR MOUTH!".

After I regained control of the car, I almost slipped off into a ditch in SHOCK that my Kennedy had said this because I honestly don't say this phrase. "Be Quiet and That's enough".......yes, but not Shush your mouth! And she knew the exact moment to say it! I still to this day do not know where this child learned this from, maybe it was a teacher or another "friend" at school.........don't know. Hang with me....I'm going somewhere with this! =)

So this morning, I dropped the girl's off at school and I came back home and really just needed to get still and quiet before the Lord. You know that country song, "I'm in hurry to get things done, I rush and rush till life's no fun......"? Well, it's been the theme of everyday for me and I just wanted to spend some serious time with God. We had so much to talk about and I just needed to let it all down.

As I strolled back to Exodus to do some more reading on Moses and figure out what on earth the Lord is trying to show me through this journey with him......I made some strong connections.

I'm finally at the point where Moses is leading the people across the Red Sea! What an amazing sight that must have been! However, the Egyptians were still very scared. They were haunted with the memories and fears of the plagues they had just experienced. Moses took great courage in leading them through this process and continued to stand up to them and tell them to not question God. But they did. And at one point Moses boldly said to them, "Be SILENT" and watch the power of God. Their job was to go foreword and to not worry or be afraid.

So as I got still before my God and read this, I thought about this incident with the Kennyboo. She wanted her voice to be heard, over the girl's voices. She wanted her way, she wanted to say something that would REALLY shock us all. She wanted to stand out from her sisters, and my oh my did she. But, do you ever feel that way when you pray? Hmm.....I have.

"Maybe if my prayers are louder, bolder, more fervent.......maybe THEN I will get an answer, THEN maybe I will stand out to God." And then we get scared, we get fearful, we wonder if God is listening, if he's apart of any of it. But just like Kennedy's way was wrong to get the attention, sometimes I feel that God is saying the same thing to me........."Nicki......shush!! Be still and know that I am YOUR God. You don't have to 'say' some magic words, I'm listening!!!"

And then I was reminded of this verse Ecclesiastes 5:2 "Do not be quick with your mouth, do not be hasty in your heart to utter anything before God. God is in heaven and you are on earth, so let your words be few."

So I stopped. And I released it all again. Day by day, it's just a complete surrender to Him. And I'm not talking about our house selling or anything like that, I'm so over that, whatever God wants will be.....that's that......this has been just allowing God to do what He needs to do in me and not being fearful of it. I've been fighting it! Fighting it with busyness!! And God said, "No more Nicki, shush, and stop it." "Ok God, I get it! I will 'shusha my mouth!' "

Have a blessed day!!


Amy L Brooke said...

Great thoughts. I need to learn to be silent before Him!

Sarah Martin said...

Thanks for checking in with me-you are so sweet. Great thoughts-how much more effective I would be if I just shushed and listened!

I haven't bloged in a while-it seems that all my brain cells are going to my belly! I have a message to prepare for my church women's ministry next week so all my energy is going to that. Glad your doing well. If you think about it, please pray for me for my speaking event and my TERRIBLY swollen feet!!!


Sharon Brumfield said...

The Be Silent and see the glory of God got me.
There is a lot stewing inside of me. I want to question, question, QUESTION. And yet as time gets short....land must sell....furniture must go into storage.....etc----I find myself getting almost panicky like the children of Israel looking back over their shoulders.
So with a soul that is shaking.....I will proclaim that my God is faithful...He works in His time....WATCH out because this is going to be a big one for Him.
I will shush with you. :)