Thursday, May 15, 2008

Because it just all "sticks" with her.

So many times I'm truly amazed at the Kennyboo, how quickly she catches on to things, the things she repeats (good and bad) and just how well she generally holds her ground for a two year old.

Last night we were at church and this sweet looking little girly was coming down the slide with the Kennyboo and suddenly out of no where decides that Kennedy needs a good old face slapping. And I mean a HARD one! Kennedy was so upset. She screamed through the midst of her tears at that girl........"You get NO NO FPOON!!!" I was so sad for Kennedy, here she was just trying to be nice, and got her little face slapped! But hey, my Kennyboo, she knows consequences right?? No no spoon! (consequences-check!)

Then the other day we were outside playing and Kennedy has suddenly developed a fear of bugs. And I mean EVERY type there is. Flying, crawling, just hanging out types......all. And I get very tired of hearing, "Mommy you geta dat bug, you smoosha it!!!" So I said, "Kennedy, listen to Mommy. YOU ARE BIGGER THAN THE BUG. Smoosh it!" And I stomped my foot. She liked that little game! Well about fifteen minutes later I was shooing a bug out of my face and Kennedy turns around from half-way across the yard and says to me in the most grown up voice a two year old can have........"Mommy. You. Are. Bigger. Dan. De. Buga. SMOOSH it!" All the while pointing her little sassy hand at me. (bossy girl-check!)

So I was not surprised the other night when I finished the fiasco of putting all three of them to bed, plopped my tired self down on the couch and I hear from her room........."Uh Oh. Mommy........youa better coma here. Dis not good." I waved my hand towards Kris to please go and see what this exasperating child meant by that. And he opened the door and saw this:

He said, "Honey, this one is all you." I slowly walked towards the door, you just never know what you will find......and I saw this big piece of gum stuck in her hair! And I thought....great. Just what I want to do is pull this piece of gum out with ice for the next hour. You the time you get to your third, your just kinda like always looking for the easy way out. So I said, "Kris, get me the scissors." He looked at me in shock and said, "Ok."

So I quickly resolved our gum issue. Kennedy was so excited to get her "hair cut" even though she looks a little bit odd now. And everyone went fast to sleep and the momma was happy.

So yesterday, I was chewing a piece of gum and my Kennyboo comes up to me. " geta hair cuta?" And I said "No, not today." She says, "Oh." A few minutes later comes up again......"Mommy, I gota my hair cuta." I said, "Yes, Kennedy, you got gum stuck in your hair and I had to just cut it out." She walks away seemingly satisfied with that.

A few minutes later.....she comes a walking in with a pair of scissors (where she got them I don't know! Must've been the Hopie) And says, "Mommy, you geta guma stucka in youra hair, I cuta it out. K?" Scary thoughts Kennedy!!! Scary!! (able to understand what scissors are for-check minus)


Sharon Brumfield said...

Hide the scissors and don't sleep too deep! :o
But if we find that you have a new will always grow out. :)

Faith said...

Haha!!! I love this! She is such a cutie!

LeAnne said...

*LOL* Something about kids... You gotta love them.

I love the story of the bugs especially.

My Army Brats and Me said...

CUTE! Only just beginning:)

Sarah Martin said...

this just made me laugh out loud-thanks for blessing me this morning!