Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sustaining Friends

This morning I have been back in Exodus. Making my way down through Chapter 7 now. I hear the Kennyboo stirring in her bed, so hopefully she will stay in there a few minutes before she screams like someone just stole the thumb off her hand! =) This not so early quite time deal has been working out all year up until this last week. I don't know why she's deciding to get up so early now. So, I may have to get back to my early, early quite time. Either way, I gotta meet with my God!!!

Chapter 7, the title says, "Aaron to speak for Moses"

I immediately thought of a conversation I had yesterday with one of my dearest friends. She has been through the fire and back again and back again. She has struggled with emotions, feelings, medications and just all kinds of things. She told me yesterday she feels like she is in a fog, and I would be too if I were in her shoes, but I told her something that really clicked with me this morning. She was talking about how whenever she's been approaching God right now she has felt overwhelmed, no sense of focus and just not able to really pray.

And as I realized how many answered prayers she has had over the last two weeks, it all made sense to me. No, I don't think there is some magic formula to getting our prayers right or being the "one" God listens to, he listens to us all. But there are times and there are going to be times, when we just can't seem to get our hearts right before God. I know I have been there. And when I have asked other's to pray, God has worked!!! God has used people around her to sustain her right now. Through her days of weakness He has made her strong, through her sorrows He has brought her joy. She has people praying!

Then as I read about Moses and how God choose Aaron to Speak for him, I thought of how that must have sustained Moses during the times he felt the most inadequate. God gave Moses JUST what he needed in a friend at that time!

I thought it was so sweet as I read this part v6: "Moses and Aaron did just as the Lord commanded them." They were like two peas in a pod, walking this road together! Pulling each other up and allowing God to use them in different ways! Just obeying God as one, through friendship. Aaron was able to sustain Moses through his words. And I imagine there were times that Moses sustained Aaron through his prayers! They were like a tag team!

So look around. Who is God using to sustain you during troubled times? Times where you're not sure where the next step leads. Times of fear and frustration. Times of trusting in the Lord like never before. Surely if the Lord sent Moses someone to sustain him through his weakness, the Lord will do the same for you and I! And he has! I'm quite sure so many people could testify to this! I know I can think of several people who have prayed for me during times of weakness and I have felt their prayers like you would not believe!

Well, I leave you in blog land with these last thoughts for the rest of the week. This evening Taylor and Hope and I will board the plane to Seattle. They are excited, momma is stressed. There is still so much to be done before we leave. I will hopefully be able to share with you while things have been SOOOO crazy the last few days next week.

Pray for Kris and the Kennyboo, this should be interesting for him.......He has NEVER been alone with just Kennedy for any amount of time!! Maybe he will understand why my head is spinning by 9pm every night....... "I want sucker! I want Juice! Mommy Wook! NO! I no want no no fpoon! I want nack! I pee pee Mommy! She no nice! Mommy, where are you? Mommy, let's go bye bye! Read dis book Mommy! I want DAT sippy cup! I no want milk! I go school? I go school? I no hit my friends, I no hit my friends, I no hit my friends! WHAAAAA!!! WHAAAA!!!".........=) have fun babe! I know you'll do great!
Have a great rest of the week and weekend and let me know your thoughts on "sustaining friends"! Kris needs your prayers to sustain him!! hee hee!! Have a blessed day!!



My Army Brats and Me said...

I hope you have a safe trip. Kris will do fine. The kids seem to know to be on their best behavior. I will miss your inspiring words.
Love ya Cindy

My Army Brats and Me said...

Hey Nicki- I know you have a lot of people who look at your blog. I need some help with the start of homeschooling. If you can fw anyone to my blog that would be great! Just need some info. I dont want to buy anything. I hope I find the right match. Thanks

Alisun@ABrookeInTheForest said...

Have a safe trip and Yes Kris will be fine my hubby had our little one last fall for the 1st time also and it was for 9 days she was great without me. (We still joke about who the problem is).