Thursday, March 27, 2008

An order of Strength, Compassion and Grace PLEASE!

Oh how I wish I could just pop up to heaven right now in this moment and place my made to order special with God. I need so much today. This morning, after a night with a sleepwalker, a strep throater who is not better and a Kennyboo....that is a NIGHTMARE BOO right now......I definitely need an order up of strength, compassion and grace this morning.

"Taylor if you don't are going to die!" (I'm getting desperate with this girly she hasn't eaten in FIVE days)

Her Response: "Ok.....I'll just die"

"HOPIE, you are sleepwalking, GO BACK TO BED"

Her Response: (While crying) "Why is Kennedy hitting me??" (I can't take much more of this sleepwalking...NOW they are even fighting in their sleep!!!)

Kennedy: "Don't uch i ooboo" "NO UCH I OOBBOOO" (no touch my boo boo)

Kennedy: "I ant UICE Ommy!! I ANT UICE Ommy!!!" (I want Juice mommy)

Kennedy: "I have sucker ommy? I have sucker? I have sucker? I have sucker?"

Me: "NO! You may not have a sucker at 7:30 in the morning!!!"

Kennedy: "U No Ouch MY BOOBOO, U NO OUCH My BOO BOO!!!" "I NO WIKE YOU Ommy!" (good, glad the feeling is mutual today.)

"Kennedy! We have to get dressed NOW, now put these purple socks on with your pink to small outfit....."

Kennedy: "It no match Ommy!!! I NO MATCH" (oh my word, I've raised a color coordinated nightmare)"I no wike dis.....I no wike dis"(wahhhhhh)

Hopie: "Mommy, I packed my lunch for you, cookies, fruit snacks and crackers....sounds good to me!" (Please tell me that those gummy vitamins I give these girly's is enough to sustain them until they are 13?)

My cell phone rings:
"Honey.....go out there and shoot those geese with the bee bee gun!" (Um, no thank you, I don't need a visit from Animal control today, telling me I'm abusive towards animals and slapping me with a $100 fine)

My thoughts: "If only I could be a bird and fly far far away......If only I could be a bird and fly far far away."

Oh it's one of those days......good thing for a blog to vent on in moments like this.

"Order up! Strength, Compassion and GRACE!"


Jenny said...

Sounds like a rough day! Thank you for your sweet words, everyday!

I'll be praying for your little one to feel better and the sleepwalking one too.

One day it does change, everyone always told me I would miss it but right now I love my girls age. They are big enough but not so big.

But noone will snuggle with me unless I bribe them, so maybe I do miss some of it!

Grace and compassion is coming!

Stephanie said...

Hey, it must be in the air. As I am trying to read blogs, and e-mails, Lexi bug is running down the hall with baby powder OPEN. Needless to say when she saw me coming, she started slipping and sliding, trying to get away. Laughing the whole time. So I feel ya, the dressing, lunches, getting breakfast, all of that is a goal with three of them. But just breath.

JenB said...

A bird? But then you might get shot with a BB gun!!
No advice here, just sympathy. Love you!

Nicki said...

Ok...maybe a fish?? so I could swim far far away!! lol!! =)

Valarie said...

Girl, been there. At least with 2 boys there's a little less talk and a lot more action! (isn't that a song?! haha) I mean, we have a WWF Smackdown at least every other day around here so I don't know which is worse! Hang in, be strong! This season WILL pass!!
Love ya girl.

freetofly said...

How cute! At least you can make humor! That is very important!

Praying for you! You all need sweet dreams tonight!


Faith said...

Praying for you and hope tonight is more restful and tomorrow a joyful day. His mercies are new every morning!
Love you!

amy said...

thank you SO MUCH for all you did tonight. you were awesome and i'd love to have you be more involved (speaking, etc.) if you'd like. thanks, again, for your sweet spirit and amazing attitude!!

MelanieJoy said...

Whew...made me tired just reading it =). Bless your heart! Hope tomorrow is a more rested and peaceful day.

Nicki said...

Hey Amy!!! OF COURSE I'd be intereasted in coming back!! I had fun!! They were a great bunch of ladies!! =) See you on SUNDAY!!!! hee hee!! =)