Friday, March 28, 2008

Do you need some "I am's"???

Well, I'm glad to say everyone is starting to feel better and start acting normal around here! Taylor is still home today, but I think she's on the way UP instead of down. Praise the Lord! I also forgot to mention in the midst of my chaos yesterday that bible study went great again this last week! Thank you all for your prayers because the Holy Spirit definitely showed up in healing my throat! We talked about Time and Money and I think it was was one of those things where it was really hard to tell if the ladies liked it or not. You know, no one likes talking about money!! =) AHHH.

I have the best time in God's words this morning, the Lord has laid a fresh word on my soul and I just had to come on here and write it all out. The Kennyboo is trampling around me, so forgive me if some of it doesn't make sense. It's hard to be "spiritual" between "No hitting! No suckers! Stop screaming!" But just to be honest, she actually does have a sucker right now, just so I could have ten minutes of PEACE to get this done!! =) I know, I'm SOOO up for momma of the year!

Ok, anyway, back to my quite time. I've been studying the book of Exodus, and haven't really shared to much on here or with anyone because to be quite honest, sometimes I have a very hard time relating to these men in the the Old Testament, because hello.....God like totally spoke TO THEIR FACES and they still messed around. But finally today, Moses started to get it. I've been in Exodus Chapter 3.

This is where God speaks to Moses through the burning bush. Now, I feel that I should back up just a wee bit and explain something. Moses, he was definitely not on the right path to serving God as he started this journey. You know.....a baby floating down the river in a basket, doesn't exactly scream "QUALIFIED". It screams "UNWANTED". But I LOVED how God totally sent him to the right place, Pharoah's daughter. God took the bad situation and specifically set Moses apart. Now, the second thing that made him a little "unqualified" was the fact that Moses totally had a temper! He killed a Hebrew Man in an argument and THEN HID IT. I mean,ya'll, I had read this stuff before, but the Lord totally said, "NICKI.....LOOK, no matter how unqualified you think you are, at least you've never killed anyone and HID IT." NO, God didn't say that, I did. =)

Ok, so to my point for this morning. Chapter 3 is where God calls Moses. Moses was out tending to the sheep and God spoke through the Angel of the Lord through a burning bush. I found this neat for two reasons. 1. God totally picked a very strange way to appear.....a burning bush. And I think it was neat as to Moses' reaction because He wasn't at all frightened at first, He just was like "Oh, that's odd......" But then as Moses got near the bush and began to hear his name called, he got a little weirded out. As anyone would!!

But God spoke and said, "Moses take off your shoes, you are standing on Holy Ground." I read something that was really cool, my commentary says, "All ground where God meets man and life-changing decisions are made becomes consecrated." I started to think about my life and the places I have been where God has spoken to me. I wish my house was big enough to have a "prayer closet" or a room that could be totally set apart for God just to speak to me. But unfortunately it's not. But there is definitely a "spot" I have in our office where I like to get to meet God, to pray, and to experience His presence. This is how I would describe this place where Moses was.

Now, I know this is turning into a book and I'm sure I've lost most of you! But hang on, this is where God really spoke to me this morning. As God was speaking to Moses through this burning bush, Moses, felt very unworthy, very UN-qualified and very worried. But God, the great "I am".......He took each of Moses fears and turned them into an "I am". And I thought about my fears that I face each day, the frustrations, the feelings of "not qualified". And God so gently reminded me to place an order of "I am's" daily with Him. It's turning all of our fears into what HE can do through them.

"I am strong enough to make you well when you are sick."...... "I am big enough to provide EVERY PENNY for the She Speaks conference"..... "I am bigger than any power bill or gas bill" ......"I am the great restorer and I will bring you peace through the storm."......"I am the great "hold you together", I will be there when you fall apart."......"I am the great sender, when it is your time, you will go."......and my list could go on and on!! It's ok to have fears, but it's not ok to sulk in those fears! We've got to turn them around into what can God do THROUGH our fears.

Well, I know this is a very long post, God had a lot to say to me and I just wanted to share a bit of it! We've got a busy weekend but that is good. I pray you have a blessed, blessed weekend. It's a beautiful day here and I can't wait to get my window's all open and fresh air flowing through this house!! Ok, well Kennedy's sucker is bye!!! =)


Jenny said...

He is the great "I am!" Thanks for reminding me of that this morning!

Hebrews 11:6 For without faith it is impossible to please God for those who come to God must believe that "he is"...(marks mine)

That "he is" when you study it out (you may already know this but still I need to remind myself) anyway that "He is" is actually "I am". Just to try and shortly explain it, if God had been speaking the verse would say..
'without faith it is impossible to please me for those who come to me must believe I am'

Since the writer of Hebrews is speaking to us, the tense changes to "he is". Does that make any sense?

This is actually the key verse for a class I am preparing to teach in the end of April.

So that verse could read (if we are talking to ourselves)

Without faith it is impossible to please God because when I come to Him I must believe that he is everything I need, and a rewarder of those who dilgently seek him!

If this makes no sense, or is to long, you don't have to publish the comment!

Take care girl, and I can't wait to meet you face to face at the conference!

MelanieJoy said...

Girl, first of all I know what you mean...I just tried writing a post with my two year old neice running around me!!! She finally got caught up in a moment of Caillou.
Thank you for sharing your quiet time with us. It really spoke to me too.
Thanks for stopping by over at my place today...

Sharon Brumfield said...

Two things hit me----
"All ground where God meets man and life-changing decisions are made becomes consecrated."


The part about God using our fears.

Food for thought.
Thank you for this post.

Nicki said...

Jenny, that is some great stuff!! I love it!

Melanie, I'm so glad someone else understands the maddness of 2 year old girly's!! =) he hee!!

Sharon! I'm so glad you came by! I hope you are figuring things out in your life today, I'm praying for you and I can't wait to hear what God does!

freetofly said...

Girl, this is so good Nicki! And something, that you know, we all know "His grace is sufficient for me" but, this really made that whole concept shine for me. I think I really needed this. I have studied this Exodus stuff quite a bit, but this is fresh to me! I love how God's word is always fresh! And I love how tuned into Him you are!

You are a blessing!


P.S. I am SO glad to hear the praise report for Wednesday's class! You were in my prayers!