Thursday, February 21, 2008

Times of Testing

I have nothing to say this week ya'll..........I am sorry. It's been a tough week and I am just being still before my God...........I have found much comfort in this song today.


Sharon Brumfield said...

Laying all things aside as rot
nothing matters but to see Your face.
To know You as You are.
To see You high and lifted up in our lives.

nanatrish said...

Nicki, I really enjoyed the song and I have missed being able to read your blog as much. You would think that at nearly 59 years old I would learn to make all the right decisions, but noooo. I still need Him to rescue me and I suppose it will always be that way. He is so faithful and loving. I sometimes want to beat myself up for feeling as though I have let Him down so much. I feel like Paul sometimes, I know what is the right thing to do and yet I don't do it. I have a food problem and I run to it when I'm sad, depressed, frustrated and feeling rejected. I have struggled with it for over 45 years and it still keeps popping it's ugly head back up. I will pray for you and you pray for me. This is what's so wonderful about these blogs. I have never met you but I feel we can have a connection and pray for each other as sisters in the Lord. Love ya, Trish

Nicki said...

Thank you Sharon. Nothing else matters at all......for that I am so thankful!

Girl, I feel ya, I know it's hard and I struggle as well. I will pray for you. I feel that connection as well and if we never meet on this earth, I know one day when we enter the gates of heaven, we will!! =) How is your friend doing?

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

hey sweet friend - I will be praying for you... anything new? love, Leigh