Friday, February 22, 2008

Back on track!

It has been a week.........whew. I am SO thankful it's Friday and the weekend is on the way but more importantly that SUNDAY is on the way!!! We have a weekend full of birthday parties so, it will be a busy one, but that's ok! Somehow though, Kris and I need to get this enormous tree out of yard! It fell a few weeks ago, but Kris has been so busy with work he hasn't been home to do much of that kind of stuff! So hopefully we'll have some time to at least get started on it, it's going to be a job!!

Teeth, Teeth, Teeth! My girl's are ALL having teeth issues, we've got teeth coming in......teeth going out, teeth that WON'T come in.....teeth that WON'T come out...and then how lovely would it be that the girl's BOTH learned about teeth at school yesterday. I came in from the store last night and they both came running up to me......"MOMMY!! We care about ourselves now!!" I couldn't help but laugh! As it's like pulling teeth to GET THEM to brush their teeth, but thanks to a few fun things at school, now we care about teeth! WHOO HOO!!

Now that I've quit my job, which there is STILL drama from all that going on in my life, oh my word, I have SO been enjoying my time on Tuesdays and Thursdays just do do things a little different then the normal, clean, laundry, diapers, clean, laundry, cook, clean, laundry pick up take get the idea! But, at first I thought I would feel guilty but NO WAY! It's AWESOME!! I love being able to go to the store BY MYSELF and meeting Kris for lunch, and meeting with awesome friends for prayer and just talking! It's been great! And yesterday, I needed it so bad. Just some time to "regroup" and get myself together. Which can be hard to do when you have three screaming children in your ear all day. Although, I ASSURED Kris that this would give me more time to get the house clean without all them making a mess the second I clean one room......not so much. =) So, today, I've got some catch up to do, and that's ok. That's one benefit of having a super small house!

I'm so excited about the 7 Life Principles for Every Woman study! It's really all starting to come together! And PRAISE the Lord, it's finally being advertised at church! I was so afraid that somehow it wasn't going to get into the bulletin in time! I hope we have a good turn out! If you are in the area and want more info just e-mail me! I'm very nervous but I have some incredible friends standing beside me! We are going to have some giveaways and lot's of fun stuff! But even if only three people show up....I know that I'm right where God wants me. I have taken so much from all the principles, they have touched my life in an incredible way!

I hope that through this I will gain the confidence to stand strong in this calling He has placed on my life. It's not an easy road, and the attacks are many, so I'm seeing. Ya'll pray for Leigh over at Speaking Thru Me, she is having some nose issues, but I have seen in her life as well the attacks, and wow, are they many. But as Val at Val's Walk of Faith was saying the other day, we have to stand firm WITH our armor on!! People will rise up to tear us down, situations will distract us, and there will be many many wars to overcome. But, if we persist, the fog will be lifted and HE will be lifted High. We just know that we have to be found faithful in Him......the rest, it doesn't matter so much.

Well, we are giving the potty a go at our house today, with the Kennyboo, I figured we'd better get on with this deal......both Taylor and Hope were almost potty trained by 25 months and we haven't even begun with the Kennyboo........THIS is one part of motherhood I don't think I'll ever say, "Oh (sigh) I wish I could potty train a child again." hee he!! Ya'll have a blessed day and a great weekend! I'll see you on Monday!!

PRAISE GOD!! THE SPELL CHECK WORKS AGAIN!! Back to fooling you!! =)


ValleyGirl said...

I can't believe your girls were all potty-trained at 2!! I trained and trained and trained Peanut for NINE STINKIN' MONTHS before she finally caught on 3 months after her 3rd birthday. So with Fidget, I didn't even try until she was 3 -- and then it was only a matter of weeks. Whew!

I'm glad you're enjoying your mornings 'off' these days!! I'm so looking forward to this fall when Fidget will be at Preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings!

Best wishes as you start your new Bible study! I hope you have a better turn-out than just 3 other women, but I hope you can maintain your focus on serving God either way. Sometimes we put so much effort into planning these kinds of things and then feel like it wasn't worth our time if there are only a couple of people come out. I hope you will find encouragement in those who do come and that your study will be a time of great spiritual growth and of drawing closer in community with other believers.

freetofly said...

Nicki, I will be praying for you as you go prepare to begin this class. You are going through a lot right now. Lots of transitions and changes! I am so happy for you you have the extra time for yourself you mentioned. It sounds like a blessing indeed!

I have something for you over at my place.

God bless!

Sharon Brumfield said...

Glad you are up and running again.
It does seem the fog can settle in and just linger forever.
This past week has felt like that.
I think it is lifting.
God is teaching me much through this Isaiah study.

Pastor Lisa said...

You quit your job? Me too! LOL!