Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oh Lord, speak so clearly.

As I've come before my Lord this morning.....I am first, in awe of Him and all He is doing in my life right now. He is speaking, and I am hearing in so many ways. My God has been a very real God to me the past few weeks. Listen how.....

With a tree that fell down upon our yard......RIGHT over our septic tank that we have been looking and looking and looking for. You know, the only way you can find it is to poke a pole through the ground and we have a big yard well, God decided to drop a BIG OL TREE ON TOP OF IT!!! Yes, We KNOW where it is now!! Thank you Lord!!! .........With an answer to our grocery bill (the grocery game!!).......with him blessing and I mean BLESSING my work as photographer....the other day I was headed towards no sales and I called up Kris and I said, "I need you to pray now." Within one hour my sales were up over $300!!!......With this bible study I'm preparing to lead.....oh my word, HE has totally knocked my socks off with that.

With new friendships growing and becoming deeper in love with the Lord through my sisters in Christ. It's not about being better or having the best things...or who's wearing what.....or what our kids are doing.....we just love the Lord and each other. With projects and doing the things I love.......He has just blessed me so much. And then it hit me........God's always blessing, He's always working, He's always sending me "signs" that He is near. It's just a I recognize that it's him or do I blow things off as "coincidences".

There are however a few things Kris and I are fervently seeking the Lord about. We have some big decisions to make and it's a time where yes we could get all stressed out and panicked and make a stupid decision. Oh my word.....have we been there! We have made some DUMB decisions ya'll.......but I blame it on our age!! (we were 19 when we got married!!!) But we are "wising" up (I wonder what the spell check is going to do about that word)!! We are truly seeking the Lord's guidance on these decisions. Because we figured out a long time ago that we are not so wise and it's only going to be through HIM that the answer is correct.

I think about this verse, Ecclesiastes 5:4, "When you make a vow to God, do not delay in fulfilling it. He has no pleasure in fools; fulfill your vow." We, as a society, we sure have gotten off track with this wouldn't you agree? I can think of so many examples of this.....marriages, financial decisions, ministry to other's and the call of the Lord upon our lives. We when truly "surrender" and say God, "WHATEVER YOU WILL"....we are making a vow to the Lord!! We are saying, whatever YOU have Lord. And sometimes that "whatever" isn't always fun........and it's certainly NOT always easy.

I pray that all my "dumb" mistakes and my broken vows, my "foolish" ways.......Oh I pray that one day God will allow me to help someone along as so many wise people have helped Kris and I along. And right now......Kris and I both for the first time at a crossroad together.......we both just have no idea where God is leading. Normally at least one of us as "general" idea and normally we both disagree on what that "general" idea should be!!! =) But this time we are just like, "LORD, we do not know!!!!"

However, there is peace in times like this......although nothing makes a lot of sense right now...and decisions are left undecided......there is peace and happiness through it all. And this is huge for me ya'll!!! Normally I'd be like OH MY WORD WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO????!!!!! But it's a simple act.......turning our palms up, towards heaven, to our God who sits upon the throne.....saying, "Lord, we surrender. We can't figure this one out."

So, I'm making a vow before you and the Lord this completely trust on Him through this huge decision. I will be sure to let you know exactly how God steps down and tells us this one! I pray you have a super blessed day.......I'm off to clean, clean, clean. Yay......=)


freetofly said...

Isn't that awesome that we can be assured He IS speaking and leading! Each day as we give ourselves over to Him, we can be assured there is a "fresh dose" of wisdom, favor, guidance and providence for that particular day...Our Daily Bread!

Praying for you, kid!


Sharon said...

Girl I agree with you--God is speaking. And I don't know what your big question is--but press in.
I would encourage you to fast. I feel that God is doing something really huge through this at this time.
Pursue Him. He says if we search for Him--He will be found.
I pray that you will hear Him loud and clear.
Speak LORD for your servant is listening.
Hey--I think it is awesome about your friends. We all need good God friends.