Monday, January 28, 2008

Frugal Me Monday

Ok bloggers......I'm starting something new!! Hopefully no one else does this and if they do please let me know!! I am TIRED and I mean TIRED of the rising costs of EVERYTHING. Gas is outrageous, food is out the roof, EVERYTHING costs way to much!! So, starting today....I'm starting something new in blog world. It's called "Frugal Me Monday". Here's how it works.........every Monday we are going to search High and Low for the best deals out there!

Each Monday I will leave a new website on here for you to check out as ways to be frugal. Now, I need your help so we can all come together, if you find a website or article or learn a secret about saving money, e-mail me and I will showcase YOU on my blog that week! And yes, I will need to figure out all this Mr.Linky stuff and link your blog to mine. Please note***** You don't have to have a blog to participate!! I will just give you a big ya hoo!! on that Monday your advice is about!

This is totally a biblical thing.......and we should not keep our deals to ourselves!! The verse that God showed me to go with this is:

Luke 16:11 "So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will in trust you with true riches?"

Ok, so are you ready for week 1??? I am!! Here's your link to go and check out!

The Grocery Game

I participated in this this week and I saved $78 on my grocery bill in ONE WEEK at ONE STORE!!! WHO HOO!!! The concept behind this game is using your coupons that can be doubled and matching them with the lowest prices!! It's a lot of fun and she does ALL the work for you!! All you have to do is CLIP CLIP CLIP those coupons!!

So Leave a comment and I'll work on figuring out this Mr.Linky thing tonight!! I'm so excited!!


ValleyGirl said...

I was so sad to discover this is only a US thing. I still haven't found out if there's a Canadian equivalent out there somewhere. My tip is menu planning and doing a major grocery shopping trip every other week. Our local grocery store has 'family appreciation' coupons approximately twice a month (10% off the first $50, 12% off the first $75, and 15% off the first $100) and I always make sure I do the bulk of my grocery shopping on those days when I can make use of those coupons. I also fill up with gas at the grocery store's gas bar, which gives me another discount coupon I can use in the store. This kind of planning also eliminates unnecessary trips into town -- a 15 minute drive away. I make the trip only once a week, get all my shopping and errands done, and the rest of the week, the van sits in the garage. It's easier for me to do that though, since my one school child rides the bus and I'm a SAHM.

My Army Brats and Me said...

That sounds fun. I do not know how good I can be at this. I am good at shopping (clothes)for the girls stuff. So I will give it a try.I am tired of spending $150 a week on food.
Love ya Cindy

Sharon said...

My grocery bill at WalMart each week is horrible.
I buy my meat in bulk--but it is still horrible.
I checked out the site and i will have to see. Did you buy just the things they had coupons for? Were they things you would normally get?