Monday, January 14, 2008

2nd post- Get your Kleenex

Get your tissues.......and come cry with me!! He is speaking..........


Tisha said...

Oh Nicki - If only I had some Kleenex around!! That was just awesome!!! That may just be my new favorite song!! I love the line have you ever cried a tear and didn't know why (or something like that). I have been shedding a lot of tears lately, some I know why but some I don't; mostly during praise and worship time during church. God is Speaking!!!
Love ya!

Kellan said...

Hey -thanks for coming over and leaving the well wishes - I am fine - only need to remember about that bra thing the next time I ever have to call 911. Hope to see you tomorrow. Kellan

Nicki said...

Hey Tisha!

Girl, I would give you a big ol hug right now if I could!! I'll be praying for you! I'm so glad that you are hearing His voice!!

Are we still on for Feb??? My girls are super excited!

Sharon said...

Girl that was so good.
I have been reading in Job and this morning it was time to read God's response to Job.
I have always heard the voice of God in nature. That is why I love the mountains--in the silence of the view I hear His voice.
God IS speaking.

Tisha said...

Hey - yes, we are still on for Feb. The girls can't wait either, they are so excited!