Friday, December 21, 2007

When grumpiness matters!

Oh yes, there is NOTHING like it.........a sleepless night, pitter patter of toes touching the floor WAY to early (that's the really bad thing about having wood floors in every room it's LOUD), the running for it and jumping on your bed only to tell you they are hungry while scaring you to death, a tot screaming I PEE PEE NOW........yes all this only to arise out of bed to discover there is no milk. LOVELY morning. MMhhhmmm.

So while I've plopped all three of those girly's down on the couch with a peanut butter sandwich (yes I'm setting myself up for a mess, I KNOW) and allowing them to escape to the world of High School Musical 2, I can have a moments of peace.......or so I wish. "Mommy needs to talk to JESUS NOOOOOOOOOOWWWW."

Well, I have to tell ya'll......I love my job, but I'm not sure it's going to work out. Believe it or not, it's actually very stressful. Who woulda thought that trying to take sweet pictures of little newborns would EVER be stressful???? NOT ME. Since yesterday was my first day on my own you know I was seriously prayed up before I headed out there. I arrived, all was well.......despite the fact that TWENTY TWO babies had been born the night before. (normally it's like 10 or 12) OH MY WORD. But, I divided them up between myself and the other girl and headed out. The way they do things now is they bring a cart right to your room and you're able to see take and see the pictures all right there in their room. So I made all my "first rounds".....was right on schedule, made all my appointments and got ready for my very first photo shoot (or I like to call them newborn mug shots!!)! As I plugged up my cart in this room, got that baby ALL ready bow in hair and all......and oh yes, the drama began. The scanner was broken!!! THIS IS BAD.....

So 2 1/2 hours later.......oh yes, I was exhausted from being on the phone with tech people who think I know what USB's are =), and only to discover that there was a short in the scanner and they would have to send a new one out. This is a problem when you have appointments set for every 15 minutes of the rest of your shift!!!! And you know........those first time momma's.....if you are oh 30 seconds late to their room THEY ARE CALLING YOU UP. Because it would be TRAGIC, LIFE CHANGING to not have a picture taken IN THE HOSPITAL. =)

The other girl went home so I could use her cart and I called up my sweet sitter to see if she could stay an extra two hours, thankfully she could. So.....needless to say, I only got about 7 pictures done yesterday!!! I'm going to give this to the end of January and see if it will get better.......but I'm telling you what, I came home a very tired, grumpy wife and momma. My hat is SERIOUSLY off to all you momma's who work full-time or even "real" part-time!!!

Perhaps this is why I had a most un-restful sleep last night! Or maybe it was the fact that I guzzled down a half a quart of Bojangles sweet tea when I got home since I had nothing to eat or drink the whole day. =) Hmm, don't know, either way, It was NOT a restful night.

So Father, here I am.........trying to make my grumpy self matter to you some how this morning. I'm so thankful Kris's mom is taking the girls for us tonight......not only do we have to get all our Christmas shopping done, but I feel like we've been complete strangers to one another for the past month. With all his work for the Christmas Experience at work, and then our trip to Arizona and now trying to get caught up on side-jobs and all my crazy situations........we've hardly even said "hello" to one another. So we are having date and shopping night tonight!

Well......the Kennyboo has risen off the couch and taken a whole box of wipes and placed each one (about 100) around my computer. She is "cleaning dat" and she's also taken an entire shelf of books down she "don't wike it" and is jumping up and down while holding onto my computer chair........ We are off to find Daddy a Christmas present today! Any suggestions anyone??? I want it to be something special.....we will search HIGH AND LOW. =) Have a blessed day and a super weekend.....I can't wait till Sunday!!!


Sharon said...

Well I might have some ideas but it really depends on what your hubby is into.
Keith started sending me emails earlier this year with ideas of things that he wanted. It made things so much easier.
He of course got hunting stuff and one of those GPS things that tells you directions. The perfect thing for guys who do not want to ask directions.
If he likes to read- Keith does not- then 90 minutes in heaven is great. Even Keith enjoyed reading this.
What about the new Mercy Me C.D. I got that to go in Keith's stocking.
Hope you find what you need and that ya'll have a great time together tonight.

Kim said...

Hope you guys had fun with your date night - you looked great in church this morning. I pray that you have a Merry Christmas and I look forward to us getting together for some Bible time soon. Deal?