Saturday, December 29, 2007

As Promised.........

Ok, so here it is.......the BEFORE (can I get an OH MY???):


Now, I still have a lot to do, but we took our Christmas money and got the coverlet for the bed, new pillows, the black floating shelves, new blinds (THANK GOODNESS!!), a new door for the closet (which you cannot see!) and new curtains! We got EVERYTHING on sale or clearance, the best deal was the coverlet for the bed......are you ready?? Originally $119.....I paid $29!!! WHOO HOOO!!! The furniture we had..........BUT, my brother completely re-painted it all!! It was HORRIBLE before, it was oak and had these lovely sea shells on it. We filled in the sea shells with wood filler and sanded them out! We added new brushed nickel knobs, which were a great bargain too!! The walls are a color called cake stand blue........I know it's hard to see the color but, it's very soothing!

So, now I'm looking for more sliver accents for the walls.......they are a bit bare still. But do you see the awesome Chandalier??? It's my favorite part of the whole room! Thank you hubby!!!


Karen said...

It looks totally Snazzy! You did good.

I have been at Jacobs doing the same thing, but still have another week to finish everything up. Happy to have the break before school starts again.

Happy Day.


Nicki said...

Thanks Auntie! You'll have to show me some pic of Jacob's place!

Tell me what more you think I need in this know if YOU say it, Kris will be more likely to listen! =) hee hee!!

Lisa said...

I love it Nikki !!!!

I know I haven't posted in awhile but just been busy, busy ,busy. Still haven't balance a new job with quality time with the family. Doing after christmas cleaning today. I will post soon.

Love ya,

Kellan said...

It is just gorgeous!!! It looks like a picture out of a magazine - really - just beautiful. I do love the chandelier!! Hope you are having a good Holiday - I have missed you. Kellan

Leigh Gray said...

awesome - i love it!!!

do you hang............. just kidding.....

love you!!!

Beauty is in the bedroom!!

Valarie said...

Love it and I saw your man yesterday morning and told him so!!! He kinda looked at me like I'd lost my mind! hahah FUNNY!!!

Congrats on the beautiful room and can't wait til you put all your finishing touches around!

Pastor Lisa said...

Oh my goodness it's beautiful! Enjoy your space!

Sharon said...

You have done a beautiful job!
And I love the new lighting.
I know you have said that it is hard to work with smaller spaces but I think you have done a great job.

And way to go with the great buy on the coverlet.

Nicki said...

LEIGH GRAY.....NO!!!! =) You are a mess!!!

Val- I asked him about that! =) He said he had to think about how you would've known that!!! =)

Sharon, Kellan and Lisa- Thanks ya'll!!! =)