Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thankful through it all

1 Thessalonians 5:16 "Be joyful always, pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

Last night was an incredible night of worship at church. I've missed attending services on Wed night since I've been teaching the 5 year olds each Wed night. But, I can't tell you how awesome it was to be in the house of God and truly feel His hands upon my heart!! We had communion and Dr. Rummage preached an amazing message....oh I just love his heart! And it was just so peaceful to in God's house last night.

As we all are busy and getting ready for a day of feasting tomorrow, I've really made an effort to think about this verse this morning. There is so much "junk" still in my life. There are relationships that are still very messed up. And although I don't dwell on them, because I don't believe that is where God wants me to be.....I have to be honest that it still hurts my soul. But where I feel God shaping me the most in my walk with him is my role as a mother and a wife. The two most important roles I will ever be. Although I have dreams of God using me in big ways, I know no greater mission field than these three little girls that sit at my feet each day. And to say I am thankful for them wouldn't be enough to describe the overwhelming love I have for each of them.

When I think about my relationship with Kris, I could identify with a post my friend Amy wrote the other was about being on a roller coaster. We have been through so ups and downs and some more ups and downs but there is a reason that God has held our hearts together as one.......and for that I could not be more thankful. I'm such a "I can do this on my own" person, thinking I don't "need" him at times in my life. But the Lord has shown me over and over how much I do need him and how much I needed to change.........not him, me. And for that I am the most thankful, that I had a heart that was willing to listen.

As this verse says "To be joyful always......" I've really started to see what that means. NO, it doesn't mean that we are just to be walking around with great big grins upon our faces saying "YAY, I'm SO JOYFUL that we have NOOOOOOOOO money" or "I'm SOOOO joyful to have this screaming child beside me all day." But, although we need to look at life positively, it's ok to have rough days and to just say, "THIS SUCKS." It's that INNER joy that the Lord is talking about......being able to push aside all the junk of life and still sit at His feet and find that peace and joy that can only be found in Him. And I will be the FIRST one to say, this is no easy task.

But as I continue through this verse it says, "give thanks in ALL circumstance for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." It's being able to lift your heart in praise to Him knowing that whatever the outcome.......He is in control. And oh have I been there.........not knowing what was going to happen and not trusting Him through it.........I can assure you there is NO JOY in that. And I went through that for so long.........oh so long. Just thinking "life is never going to change" and I will be honest........"life" hasn't gotten better for us.........we still struggle financially, we still struggle trying to raise three girls, we still argue, we still feel like giving up sometimes, we still question God..........but the difference now is, I KNOW that God is right there beside me.......I KNOW that God loves me and has forgiven me and set me free........I KNOW that deep in my soul even on the worst days, I can still get on my knees and worship Him.......I couldn't always do that.

So, to end this long post, (sorry), I leave you with the ten things I'm the most thankful for this Thanksgiving season:

1. God's grace to me......I will never be able to thank Him enough for that
2. God's mercy through my relationship with Kris (that boy should'a kicked me to the curb a long time ago!!!)
3. God's perfect plan for my girls (even when I think they are going to turn out horrible.......I know His hands are upon them)
4. God's healing touch on relationships (although there is still a lot of hurt from certain things, I know He's working and in HIS time all will be made well again)
5. God's provision for the perfect house for us........(how dare I question Him after all the confirmation He gave me)
6. God's van that continues to run and not give us any major problems
7. God's money that He gives us to provide a Christian education for our girls
8. God's people..........(that should be up there close to number 1, I don't know what I would do, no I do know what it's like to not be surrounded by godly people and I'm so thankful for the godly women the Lord has brought into my life)
9. God's word.........(scripture has become my life, I base almost everything I do, even cleaning!, with scripture in my heart)
10. God's healing touch on my life and my family and my extended family as well, my sil is expecting a very healthy baby boy in February!!! (We have been so healthy this year, and I praise HIM for it)

So there it is.......I really could go on and on but I'm sure I've bored you to death! But, because I'm SO thankful for this blog and all the encouragement that has come through it, please leave me a comment and tell me what you are thankful for!! I've had a couple of people ask how to leave a comment and it's fairly easy, just click on the little link below this post called comments, you'll have to fill out a Google name and stuff but it only takes a moment, then just post away! Even if you don't have a blog it's ok to leave one as well. It means a lot to me to know who my reader's are and what different things I write about mean to you! Love and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

Thankful for today and grateful for tomorrow,


ValleyGirl said...

Your posts are always such great encouraging reminders! This one is no exception. It's amazing how much we have to be thankful for that we tend to take for granted.

While we Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving over a month ago ;), I hope you'll have a warm and wonderful holiday!!

Kim said...

Great post today! Happy Thanksgiving!ele

Lucy said...

Thanks for your post. The timing of it is funny. I was just mopping my bathroom and I got to thinking about all my blogging girlfriends in Christ and wondering what all of you were doing. I also thought about how crazy it is that we can form a relationship with each other, think about each other during the day, pray for each other, encourage each other and we've never even spoken. I think it's pretty cool. Girlfriend, I've never given you any more encouragement than you've given me. You don't know the times you've spoken directly into whatever was going on with me and you never even knew it. I am VERY thankful for my circle of blogging girlfriends, especially you, Toni, Valarie and Leigh. Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Pastor Lisa said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Let's see things I'm thankful for...

Well today, I realized that I need to change my contact lenses. I've worn them for a month and they need to be discarded. So I'm thankful that I wore a pair of contacts for a full month without ripping one of them! I went through so many contacts last year because I ripped them early on.

I am truly thankful my contacts lasted a whole month.

Anonymous said...