Saturday, November 03, 2007

His strength is perfect

Ya'll......I feel SO MUCH better!!! I woke up this morning and almost felt "normal"!! I took a deep breath and knew that my Lord has pulled me out of a very hard situation. This has been a long week. But, through it all, and through many of you, I was reminded of the power of my Lord. Thank you ALL for you prayers, SWEET comments and e-mails, it means so much to know that I had people praying me through this!!!! I don't think I could say this better then the way Pastor Lisa described it, the comment she left me on the last post, go read it if you get a chance. She is SO right, and I've NEVER thought of finding rest during a storm. But, yesterday night, as I layed my head down, I did just that, I cried out to my Father and just rested in His arms. He truly is the only one who knows what I've been through this week.

I have to tell ya'll, I don't really believe that God makes us sick on purpose, But I do believe He allows all things to happen for His good. And A LOT of good came out of this week. BUT, I got a huge wake-up call with this whole job thing. I started thinking about something.....a few months ago I think I may have mentioned that the director the pre-school had asked me if I'd be intereasted in subbing, well as soon as I filled out that application, I had a fracture in my back......remember that??? THEN, ya'll....I didn't mention this, but I had an interview scheduled on Thursday afternoon......Thursday morning is when all this kidney drama started. SOOOOOOOO....I don't know if ya'll are seeing the connection but I think the Lord is speaking VERY clearly to me.

As my friend was driving me and the Kennyboo to the dr yesterday (she's sick too), We were talking about how I always say my God is the 11th hour God, and He keeps proving that OVER AND OVER TO me. I mean, just look at the health insurance thing..SERIOUSLY, could it have been ANY CLOSER??? =) So, as I think back to my post as to whether I am to trust or obey right now....I think I got my answer LOUD AND's to trust. God is very real to me, and I take my obedience very seriously, so it is with great sighs of relief that I can say, I will not be looking for a job any time soon. The Lord has made it very clear to me that I am to stay at home right is a season of being still. (well, not REALLY being still...ha ha) Yes, God has a plan for us, a perfect plan, and it will be through HIS strength that it will be made into play.

So, for now, I lean upon Him, I trust in Him.......I wait on Him. Obedience at all costs.......that's a hard lesson to learn. I will press on, with joy of course, knowing that what He has up His sleeve MUST be something great!!! Knowing that He is in my favor and wants the best for my life. I'm believing BIG, I'm trusting even BIGGER. Yes Father, you have my attention!!!

Trusting Him each day by Faith and NOT by sight,

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Sharon said...

I have been at the job or no job situation myself so many times. I even went through training with the school so that I could work on the handicap buses.I am at a be still stage myself. Just when Keith and decided that I was not to work outside the home--I got a job offer.
Just a little test. :)
The sitting is sometimes hard--but it will be worth it in the end.
And what about your heater?

Nicki said...

Hi Sharon!! I hope you had a good weekend, but I will pop over to your blog too......

Our heater SHOULD be fixed in the afternoon tomorrow. The guy had to order the parts so hopefully they will work and we will be warm again!! God has been good though, our little heater has done a great job!!

Kim said...

Nikki - Glad you are feeling better and that the heat will soon be fixed - looks like we may actually have some cooler weather this week. Hang in there!

Leigh Gray said...

fffffffffffeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww - so glad you are feeling better. been looking at reat houses all over town for you all!! just kidding - kind of!!

love, Leigh