Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Because I have a thousand other things to do right now......

Realizing I haven't posted Pictures in a long time.....Here are some! This first one is what happens EVERY time I try to get a picture with all three of these girly's!!! This was on our trip to Virginia. It was COLD!!!
Here is me and my man.....Isn't he a hottie??? =) This was courtesy of Taylor.....the photographer!! =)
Here they are!! Hannah Montana and her biblical side-kick, Queen Esther! FYI, mine is the bible character, Taylor.
Here they are all three! WOW and look they are almost all looking!
The fairy princess arriving to meet.........her skunk.


Sharon said...

Thank you so much for posting some pictures. That is a very sweet picture of you and your man.
I love the pictures of the girls-so cute. I have to remind myself to have us included in the pictures sometimes.
Now-were one of the pictures of the front of your house?
You promised us pictures and I don't think we have had the pleasure. Well I think maybe one of the living room.

Your sweet heart shows in your face. That is a good thing.;)

Neva said...

What a beautiful family, thank you for sharing them with us.


PS. Please say a prayer for my son, he is making such bad choices, ones with HUGE physical, emotional and eternal consequences. I am trying to hand him over to God but it is very very difficult for this mama.
I covet your prayers.

Kellan said...

Really cute pictures. I love Virginia - I used to live in Fairfax and I was born in West Virginia. Take care.

Nancy said...

I found you through deb, You have sweet little girls, they are so cute.. I watched the you tube video you have on your blog too. really nice but who is the singer, sorry but I'm out of the loop with the new kids, I'am a tad bit older.

kris said...

thanks! I love You !
love your hottie wanna be rockstar huband

Nicki said...

Hi Nancy!

Oh please don't feel out of the loop b/c honestly.........I don't know who that was! =) I just loved that version of Jesus Paid It All from him so I posted it! =)

Nice to meet you! I'll stop by your place too!

Nicki said...


YES, I need to post some pics of the house! I guess I was just waiting for it all to be done.....but I dont' know when that's EVER gonna happen!!! =) I'll work on it tomorrow. Thanks for your sweet words!

Valarie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your girls are adorable!!