Saturday, October 13, 2007

Silly Saturday

Can you see it??? Can you see the two little licks that came from SOMEONE'S LITTLE fingers??? Surely this could not be from my HopeAnn??? Right??? =) HA HA!!! This was my mom's birthday cake that her little fingers couldn't resist......but don't ask her who did it, she does NOT KNOW.

The interesting things girly's can do on a Saturday morning: Taylor and Hope set out to make a family tree......under a tree! They got really creative, bricks and odd pieces of wood! They wrote out only the immediate family....sorry aunts and uncles it went from oldest to youngest: Popa, Grandpa, Mimi, Grandma, Kris, Nicki, Taylor, Hope and Kennedy.......yes they even used our real mommy or daddy! Each piece of wood was colored a different color using on the best: sidewalk chalk!! Boy do those girls amaze me sometimes!
And yes......that is a ghost in the Kennyboo's mouth and no I did not give it to her! Quick story: Picked Hope up from school on Thursday. Someone at her school had given her this ghost ring and she gave it right to Kennedy when she got in the car. Kennedy immediately put it into her mouth and announced that SHE now has a paci. I kid you NOT for TWO whole days now she has walked around with that silly thing in her mouth saying it's her paci! We were even at Costco and this woman comes up to me and says, "What a cute paci, where did you find that?" OH MY WORD!!!


Tisha said...

Love the pictures, too cute!!! This is completely off the subject, but are you SURE you don't want to coach cheerleading this year???!!!!???!! I know a great babysitter (wink, wink)!!

MelanieJoy said...

Oh my have the cutest girls ever!!

Sharon said...

Cute pictures!
And don't you just love it when they can entertain themselves?
And outside to boooooooooot!;)

Lisa said...

Your children are precious ! The pasi (ring) reminds me of all 3 of mine. They loved their pasi.