Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Late, late

Well, it's 12:18 and I'm just now getting to my quite time......not a good thing. I've got four sleeping children well 3 1/2.....Hope is just barely asleep. I've got the same two from yesterday back again today and I must say I'm quite tired as they are too!!! But, hopefully I have at least a good 30 minutes of some peace while they are all napping. 2 year olds certainly have kept my mind busy the past few days, that's a good thing! But I must say I'm ready for my free morning tomorrow after Taylor's chapel. It's been a long week!!

But, bad news, my bible is in my room where one tiny tot is off snoozing so I've got to try and remember what the Lord taught me last night as I was reading some awesome things in His word. Patience.....this word is becoming so much more to me than just not loosing it with a child or anxiously awaiting daddy getting home or waiting for something else. It's becoming almost a life-changing word with me.

We are such a want it our way RIGHT NOW kinda society that I really feel a lot of Christians (myself included) are missing out on what God truly wants for their lives. I'm at a point where I really believe that God has the perfect plan for everything and if we would just wait upon HIM, it's going to come. Instead of whipping out that credit card or skipping a tithe check, or taking the first thing that comes along.....I really am finding in my life that God is going to do just what he says He will.....but there's a's not EVER and I mean EVER on my schedule. And more than likely it's not going to be the way I would do it either!! My job is to be faithful to him in everything I do. So whether it's watching friend's little ones, teaching, writing or whatever He has set before me that day, faithful. My friend Leigh said it a really good way once, she wants to be God's "go to girl".

As I said a couple of days ago....I'm praying BIG right now. But more than that I'm WAITING big......I've laid my requests down before my gracious God and I walk on in Faith knowing that just when it's time, He will answer. He's already answered one huge prayer of mine.....something a little to personal to share on a blog though. And although there are many things I could get all stressed out about, I choose not to. I choose to just wait and see how God is going to work it out.

This will be my last entry this week, tomorrow is a busy day as well as Friday, then we are off to Virginia for the weekend. We are staying at this resort that has the largest indoor water park in the country. The girls are VERY excited! We just needed to get away and this is a great opportunity to do something fun as a family. So we'll be back on Monday night (Taylor is out of school again Mon and Tues). We plan on going to Williams burg VA as well, so my little history buff can get her sweet fill of the old days! (Taylor) Let's just pray that the Kennyboo is nice and sweet the WHOLE time. YA RIGHT. I have a feeling I will need a lot of patience with that little thang this weekend!! She's my sweet and sour child!!!

Well, I know this wasn't a very deep entry....forgive me. My thoughts are just everywhere right now. So off I go to attempt to tip toe around and get as much cleaned up as possible. It truly does look like hurricane toddler just blew through my house!! Have a blessed day!!


Lucy said...

I'm going to tell you what....I just didn't realize how much I've missed my girlfriend's in Christ since the computer meltdown, but I have REALLY missed you guys!!! Who needs to buy a Bible study when you've got girlfriend's who blog?!?

I went back to school in August. I'll be finished in December. I'm taking a PCT (patient care technician) course. It's kind of like CNA, but I'll be able to insert catheters and draw blood. I've really enjoyed the course. I've had some WONDERFUL Christian teachers and classmates. When I'm finished I'll probably try to get on at a doctor's office or with Interim Home Healtcare.........or maybe even something I haven't even thought of.....who knows what God has planned. I just really, really want the job of His choosing.

Have a GREAT time in Virginia!!!!!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the comment Nikki...I'm feeling somewhat better just taking life day by day. Have fun this weekend.....everybody needs to get away.

Love ya girl,

Valarie said...

Have a great weekend! Jimmy LOVES Williamsburg and I love doing whatever he loves so I go along! haha Take care and we'll miss ya!

Kim said...

Have a fun and safe time. We will be praying for you!

Sharon said...

Oh how wonderful---it has been years since I have been to Williamsburg.I love all that history stuff. And you girl will love it. I remember having a ring made from a nail from a horse shoe. I kept it for the longest and was sad when I lost it.
Have fun getting away from home. By the time you get back my schedule will have settled down-thank you Jesus! I feel like it has been too long since we have chatted.
Be careful-- talk to ya soon!

Sharon said...

A little something for you on my Sunday post!

Leigh Gray said...

how was Virginia??? can't wait to see some pictures!!!

love, Leigh