Thursday, September 13, 2007

A quick update

Ok, remember that feeling I had yesterday??? I found out last night that my mom was in the ER with chest pains all afternoon........they kept her there over night and will do some tests this morning. I guess it wasn't just a feeling. WOW. She assures me she's fine, but having worked on a cardiac unit for a year, I have had a thousand things running through my mind. But, trusting that the Lord is going to take care of her. Pray, please. Thanks.


Neva said...

Praying right now my sister


Sharon said...

Praying girl.
May we always be tuned in so that we can be ready with prayer for all things.

Sharon said...

I am afraid that me thanking God by faith my have come across wrong.We have not yet attained it but in advance I was thanking God for the buyer and the seller.That sounded a bit like Paul. :)
But I am standing in Faith that all good things are coming from the Father above and I just figured I would thank Him in advance. \0/

Sharon said...

How is your MOM?

I have a little pat for you--come see!

Anonymous said...


日月神教-任我行 said...