Friday, September 21, 2007

Mold Maddness

(deep sighs......) phew I am tired! What a day it's been. Last night I was in our little half bath and I do mean LITTLE, and I noticed that through the wallpaper there seemed to be some type of mold coming through....YUCK. Well, I started to look closer and sure enough the whole bathroom was pretty much covered in mold. Since it's our half-bath I rarely go in there and it's very dark so I guess I just didn't notice it. Well.....what started off as a little project has now turned into a huge ordeal! I was going to just take the wallpaper down and paint, but, you know how the story thing leads to another.

Taking down the wallpaper was a nightmare and then trying to spray all this killing mold bleach solution stuff just about did me in! Well, while we were at home depot, Kris was like well, if we're going to paint we might as well put up a new light fixture. I was like, Ok, I can see that. And then we couldn't find a light fixture to match the faucet, so....we needed a new faucet......well THEN the cabinet we had was really old, so I guess we should paint it? Well, wait, oh here's one on sale...done, something new and now we don't have to paint!! THEN, since we have a mold issue, we needed a new exhaust (deep sighs) a small $11 project has now turned into a complete bathroom remodel....somehow.

So I am patiently waiting for my primer to dry so I can go and put on my final coat. Aunt will be pleased, I went with the gray!! To fill the rest of you in....I have this just lovely tile that is gray and burgundy (yuck).....but I'll take it over pepto pink.....but those aren't the easiest colors to work with. They are kinda BLAH. Well, the sweet lady that owned this house before us had this wallpaper and it must have been from the 80's.....but obviously wallpaper and bathrooms just don't mix well. So I was really stuck on which color to go with. My Aunt suggested the gray and accent with some navy's. She's been right about everything so far, so we shall see!! =)

Not sure if I'm loving this "fix this old house" yet. Kris is totally loving it all, but I'm still just ready for it all to be done. We still have QUITE a few more projects. It's just SUPER hard with three little girly's running around everywhere. But at least that awful mold is gone and will stay gone now...ugh, I cringe when I think about it!!

Eating has not been so good today...or yesterday. I'm feeling like the passion is fading.....I'd better get it back REAL QUICK. I know I can't give up, I know I can't's just hard ya'll. It's so hard. BUT, I'm not giving up, I will press on and no matter what this weight is coming OFF.

Well I'd better get back to painting. Have a blessed night everyone!!


Valarie said...

Girl I love me some fixer upper projects so you just give me a holler and I'll come over and help! WAHOO! Love that stuff! teehee
Have a great weekend and we'll see ya Sunday! Get ready cause we're gonna worship Sunday morning!!!
Love ya.

Kim said...

Love that post - you are right - one change leads to the desire to make another and it is tough to just keep it simple - sounds like you may have burned some extra calories scrubbing away the mold. Hang in there -

ValleyGirl said...

DON'T GIVE UP ON GOOD EATING HABITS!!!!!!!! Even when you'r having a rough day or week, you'll feel stronger once it's over if you can proudly say you didn't let that overcome your desire to eat well. I know, easier said than done -- BELIEVE me, I know!! -- but I'm determined that this time is the LAST time!!

We're heading towards a bathroom redo ourselves. My parents hate my bathroom so much that they're giving me a new one!! The only problem is, we only have the one bathroom, so it's gonna be a little tricky!

And my kitchen is still a work in progress -- 5 years after we put in the new cupboards and countertops. We're simply not fixer-upper kinda people, I guess.

Sharon said...

How cool to get a bathroom redo.
And how nice it was not your main bathroom.
I love your Aunt Karen's suggestions. Let us know how the colors work.
Don't give up yet.
I don't know if you have been hopping around blogdom but weight seems to b a huge issue right now.
Weight and how it relates to our relationship with God.
Keep your eyes on Him. It is all part of the process.
Have a beautiful day with the Lord tomorrow.